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  1. To whom? Model and era dependent and even then it's apples to oranges for the most part Note I said MOST, NOT all 'ALTEC' covers a LOT of ground Plenty to read about the history of the company and it's products on-line The company that Jim Lansing started? Their peak period systems like the commercial VOTTs? There's no comparing the two, only thing close would be a Klipschorn ALTEC no longer exists except in name only - a handful of former employees were keeping the torch alive for a while offering service, repair and even some new drivers based on the originals (and made in the U.S.A.) but last I heard that was coming to a sad close as well
  2. No cranky hear dude, I explained my comments based on my own pair of verticals and how the deal went down I don't buy base solely on an ad anymore and even with an aural audition - especially a crummy one (again, lesson(s) learned the hard way) Just sharing my experience is all - the eyes can deceive
  3. I don't how in the heck people manage(d) to blow woofers in Cornwalls Tweeters OK, but woofers?
  4. You don't know that Not from that crummy weird ad (and offing them after just 3 months?) Unless you have seen them Have you seen them?
  5. Whole lot of useless rambling in that ad and not a lot of specifics about the actual pair he is selling I would insist on having him remove both backs for inspection if things get that far I had a pair of Walnut verticals (1971), similar deal and only found out after I got 'em home one of them had a replacement woofer Genuine Klipsch (but not a cosmetic/magnet match) and an appropriate substitute but still................... .............you get the point
  6. Are you his attorney? I would prefer to hear DoubleJ's own answer rather than your speculation I doubt, very seriously, that when those badges were still readily available from Hope, that anyone in their right mind was paying $50 to $100 the pair Today of course is another story
  7. Thank you for a clean deal and trust Craig
  8. analogman


    I owned, and stupidly sold, a pristine 2220B The 2220B is one of the best sounding Simi Valley Marantzs there ever was, including the big boys If your 2220 (I never owned that incarnation) is 1/2 as good it'll better 75% of what's out there today I owned many of the '22xx' series, including the cult faves and sold them all off eventually (long story) That 2220B is the only one I still miss
  9. Thank you for a nice clean deal I'm glad/hope you are happy Best regards Craig
  10. Don't get any point and am unable to find any meaning in the post directly above I can tell with certainty you have very little, if any at all, hands on experience with any of the classic Technics line-up
  11. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/free-cambridge-soundworks/6567969763.html FREE - Cambridge Soundworks BassCube 12S Subwoofer (concord, california ) FREE IF YOU COME PICK IT UP RIGHT NOW - 4/24/2018 Needs work Good shape, a few scuffs on cab - driver cone and surround perfect Speaker level spring loaded INPUT connectors messed up (missing) - line level jacks fine and work Problem is bad plate amp - I already replaced the notorious Zeners that fail on these, moved the power resisters onto the other side of the board so as not to cook them again and touched up every solder pad on both boards Still, no love and I'm not willing to pursue troubleshooting this any further (or paying for Fry's over priced bits) Sub will play fine and then instantaneously stop - switch it off and back on and it will work again briefly Customer support for Cambridge products is non-existent (no schematics available), so, this time vampire is beyond my skill set Someone who really knows Solid State could probably diagnose this in a half hour or less - I'm done Parts Express sells the same amp (100 Watts, drop in fit) for around $100 bucks with a 5 year warranty $10 bucks CASH and Carry AS IS - FREE IF YOU PICK IT UP NOW No Phone Number No reply Thanks
  12. They share a border Who knows how far those things have to travel (and how many times they change hands) to get to a postal center from where they are actually (or were) made His older listings differ from the more recent - maybe he moved his operation? Did they show up in the little white bag mailer or a box?
  13. It's the cadmium plating reacting with the elements, aka, oxidizing On a steel chassis it will commonly show as silver or grey, but yellow is common too - all depends on the base metal that was plated with it I think the proximity of large magnets can give you the "cadmium yellow" effect as well The dust/powder is extremely toxic and you should avoid handling it and if and when you do wash your hands well afterwards DEFINITELY AVOID BREATHING THE STUFF Shows up on a lot of vintage electronics' chassis as well I wear rubber gloves (now), soak a 99 cent store micro fiber cloth with WD-40 and clean it up as such, wash it with one and wipe down with another I hate using them, but rubber gloves are a very smart move when cleaning any vintage electronics - and I used to avoid rubber gloves for working like the the plague Rubber glove hate? When I started working as a mechanic it was bare handed and not just me (EVERYTHING, brakes, the parts washer, solvents, B-12, gasoline for hand cleaner, the whole schmear "old school") and when they came into use in the trade in a major way during the '80s I scoffed at them - been too many years and wasn't going to change - plus I couldn't "feel" my work and didn't won't to make the effort to make the transition (the acclimation) Got my first cancer diagnosis in 2011 Whenever you see cadmium dust take every precaution to take care of yourself and avoid that shit - smart to wear a disposable particle mask as well when opening up ANY pair of old speakers or if you use compressed air to blow out old electronics
  14. Weird how many singles are turning up lately and not just Klipsch models - at least in my daily scouring of the classifieds My local craigslist has had more single L100s, AR-2axs and late model Heresys (Is and IIs) lately than I can ever remember A lot of good speakers you wouldn't normally associate with the MONO era or center channel or musical instrument use or even home theater left overs Still pricing 'em like blue smoke though, around here anyway
  15. I'm not going to continue to beat this into the ground It's really irrelevant now, isn't it? But I'm going to say it one more time and I'm standing by it Gasoline, sold retail, at the gasoline pump, at the gas station (Esso, Shell, Gulf, Texaco etc etc etc) was NEVER 17 cents a gallon in the United States of America during the 1960s In any and all of the 48 contiguous states Alaska or Hawaii UNLESS it was some sort of promotion or gimmick perpetrated by an INDIVIDUAL station owner for whatever the reason, "gas war" statement whatever I worked in and around the industry for decades; all you have to do is look at wholesale prices No one sold gasoline for 17 cents a gallon, RETAIL, at the PUMP in the 1960s
  16. I remember it well, both of 'em (the gas wars of the '60s and the '70s) And you know, they were a sort of promotion, promoting the fact that station owners didn't appreciate the prices of crude going up either Most of the "wars" were by mutual agreement between station owners (I was a pump jockey too in my youth) had an Esso right next door and on the next corner a GULF Pushed my Craftsman lawnmower around a lot too for a quarter on those hot *** Eastern North Carolina Saturdays But gas was never 17 cents during the mid '60s which is what he posted Regardless, this is a pointless debate Them days are long gone With the irony that the profit on a gallon of gas today, real profit, NOT percentage is about the same as it was in 1965
  17. You're right, I wasn't alive during the '30 or '40s
  18. Gasoline was never 17 cents a gallon in the 1960s unless they were running some sort of promotion
  19. So you're telling me you conduct yourself by living a double standard guided by assumptions?
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