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  1. Hello Deang, did you replace the diaphrams in his solder terminal dual phase plug K-55V's and compared them to the John Allen's A-55G's?
  2. Hey, I know that Bob Crites showed the frequency response curves of its A-55G and the Atlas both tested on a K-401 horn, And I also know that they ran a distortion test and is shown a 4db improvement in THD beetwen the A-55G and a two piece phase plug K-55V. However I'd like to read some opinions from someone who has heard or tried both. Thanks.
  3. Damn no.. I can get a pair of H200 mint here for 200€..
  4. I didn't know.. Anyway why do to think that Fostex horn can match well only with a TAD driver?
  5. I'd like to cross the A55-G at 6-700 Hz, so I'm thinking to use a horn which have a Fc of 450Hz, is a Fostex H400. https://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/speaker_components/pdf/woodhorn.pdf What do you think? Thanks
  6. Thank you, I suspected that I have to cross around 200Hz above horn Fc to get best performance, I suppose because to avoid getting outside a nasal sound from the horn (?).
  7. Okay..does he prefer B&C DE10 for Chorus II because there is no need of l-pad attenuation on its crossover?
  8. I see that. Anyway have you ever tried Faital pro HF?
  9. I get it, what is the cutoff frequency of the K-61 horn?
  10. There are also the 15FH500 and the 15FH510 which are similar and equally interesting..
  11. I'd like to try the A55-G with a K600 horn... croossed at 600Hz to 6000Hz. Can I know why do you consider the K-61 horn one or two step above the K600?
  12. Do you think sound better the B&C or the Faital pro HF drivers?
  13. Have you tried any Faital pro woofer at last?
  14. I've not said this. Rather you've been a busy boy writing 1816 posts on this forum 😵
  15. @JeffLebowski Fezz Audio makes the best sounding tube amplifiers under 5-6000$ imho.. Anyway Unison research makes some good tube/mosfet amps, but Audio Exclusiv is even better for this kind of hybrid amplification. No interest in saying this... trust me, just tests made at my own expense.
  16. I think that Fezz Audio is one of the last few solid tube amp manufacturers left in Europe. Little show, lots of substance. Greetings from italy.
  17. I get it. Rather, what do you think about using the A55-G driver with Crites C600 midrange horn always mounted on a Chrous 2? Thanks
  18. Look at this dude, amazing value for money imho.
  19. What do you think about using the A55-G with the Crites G700 midrange horn mounted on a Chrous 2? Any thoughts?
  20. Fezz Audio is Polish and there is Titania Power with direct input. Check out before talking.
  21. Of all the horns you've tried on your Chorus II with your A-55G drivers, which one do you like best? What are the differences you've found between this horn, forte III horn, and chorus II stock horn?
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