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  1. ...because everybody knows speakers are so unreliable. If you can afford to modify you can afford to fix. The warranty is a non issue. If they sound better it’s a win.
  2. Here it is. I replaced the tubes with KT90EH’s, the main power filter caps and re-biased the unit. It sounds pretty darn amazing.
  3. I had my Parasound A21 amp which sounded great with plenty of power and authority. Ultimately I put a vintage 32 watt Audio Resarch amp on it- mostly because I like what tube amps bring to the music. no complaints in the A21 really.
  4. Panelhead, You make good points. I always think that some of the most expensive equipment has regular ole PCB boards, 60/40 solder, and resistors and caps with lead wire that is no better than in you run of the mill receiver. That being said, those pieces usually sound waaaaaay better.
  5. Wuzzzer- I don’t drink, but maybe I should, it might be a more economical hobby than this!
  6. I’ve red many posts on this forum, and it would appear that a large majority here don’t believe cables make a difference, and that lamp cord is just fine. I suppose it does get the music to the speakers, kinda the way one of those skinny spare tires gets a sports car down the road. This thinking baffles me, because I can tell the differences with almost any cables I swap on and out. In fact, these highly efficient speakers make differences between components, or cables even easier to tell the difference between. And trust me, I’m not one of these “I bought the latest thing so I need to justify my purchase” people. This is just me swapping out old cable or new one I have lying around and just noting differences generally. Sometimes small the differences are only just significant enough to hear, but sometimes they can be quite transformative. Regardless, I just like f’n with stuff so I tried these GR Research cables out, mostly because they look like Kimber Kable clones and I’ve had KK before and liked them, but didn’t want to pay $800 for the 14’ runs I needed. But this kit cut that cost in half, so I figured what the heck. I like DIY stuff it will be fun, and it was. Im not here to try and convince you cables make a difference. I figure if you can’t tell the difference it comes down to you’ve got bad hearing, you don’t know how to critically listen, or don’t care to, or your gear doesn’t have the resolution to appreciate any differences. I suppose you could just not give a sh#t either, regardless, if any of those are the case, then exit, this post ain’t for you sweetheart. So how do they sound, I’ll keep it simple, clean and clear with a balanced frequency as far as I can tell. Think of having the film of dust on glass washed away. What does this mean, it means I’m hearing more nuanced detail, more air, and more presence in the music, but full bodied and fleshed out. Worth the expense, and better than the more expensive cables that were attached before. for reference my system is Balanced Audio Technology VK-3ix tube pre Audio Research V35 tube amp Technics 1200GR turntable Parasound JC3+ phono pre Forte III speakers
  7. My new to me Audio Research V35 Photo 24.pdf
  8. So I ended up with an Audio Research V35, this is a vintage 30w balanced triode amp. It has PLENTY of grunt and sound amazing.
  9. So I bought a temperature controlled soldering kit with hot air, some .032” 60/40 solder, and two practice solder kits from eBay. I also ordered the Bottlehead Phono preamp kit. I’ve soldered basic things before like speaker connections and such, but never circuit boards, so I’ll practice up a bit first. I looked over and read the BH instructions for the phono preamp and it seems straight forward enough. Just got to get my soldering skills updated.
  10. After watching this, tubes should cost about a thousand dollars each. all manner of large manufacturing equipment is required!
  11. So, I did find Audio Note as kits. They seem like fine kits, but many threads of builds I’ve found (when I say many I mean 3) that pieces were missing or failed soon after installation. I decided to start with something a bit less ambitious, maybe a tube phono pre. I did just pick up a vintage Audio Research V35. It 30 watts per channel Triode, so power should be ok. On the discussion of power I do have a question of curiosity. I was trying to determine how much power my current amp was putting out. I went to an online calculator and i plugged in 95 db/watt efficiency for the speakers - since this is what I hear the forte iii’s actually come closer to when tested - I set my distance to 8’ sitting distance from speakers and tried to figure if I wanted 87 dB I would only need about 1/2 watt. does this seem about right? I think 30 watts should be ok , since I typically don’t listen above 85 db (sitting position)
  12. I have some new Forte iii’s i tried my Decware integrated (6w per channel), and they seemed like they wanted more juice. My Parasound A21 amp is far more authoritative. But at over 200w per channel it better be.
  13. I have no electrical expert. Other than hooking up audio gear and basic home ownership knowledge like installing an outlet or fan, or working on troubleshooting my old Porsche my experience is limited. Also, I only have a decent soldering iron and multimeter. No other specialized tools. However I can rebuild car engines, and understand how things generally work. I’m an architect by education and have 25 years in that. Do they make a good quality stereo tube amp kit (not integrated), that comes with great directions with good pictures, in case one needs a pictorial reference, out there that someone like me could buy and put together? Also what would be the minimal testing equipment needed to make sure I don’t blow something up or kill myself in the process? The amp needs to have about 20 watts a channel. Thanks for any direction you can give.
  14. To answer some questions: my room is 16x21, speakers on the long wall. 20 watts should be plenty since my 6 watt does pretty goo but a bit more headroom is needed. also the Fezz it more than I’m willing to spend. Unless one used should pop up.
  15. I need tube amp recommendations for my new Forte iii’s, at least 20 wats per channel, new or used. budget is $2000 or less. I’m using a BAT tube Vk-3ix preamp (with six pack upgrade) with a Parasound A21 amp now.
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