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  1. Thanks. To clarify, the R-15M speakers are actually a bit further. They sit about 10’ in front of the couch. While the in ceiling will be directly above the couch at 9’ to ceiling (so closer than that to ear level).
  2. Thanks for the response. Yes, I am using a receiver that will allow me to adjust the volume so I can lower these down to account for being larger.
  3. Thanks. I already have the R-15M installed and am happy with them for a family living room (not a dedicated theater room). I also have the 5800 from a Christmas gift. The question is if these 5800 I have on hand would over power the R-15M, or if I should send the 5800 set back for 5650 instead.
  4. Thanks. It’s a standard living room - a bit large and open to three other rooms with no walls. The R-15M will stay as the front. The 5800 would be in ceiling surrounds - only two places above and just behind couch area.
  5. I’ve had the R-15M bookshelf’s as the fronts for some time. Odd wall with fireplace and no real place to put floor speakers. Sound was good, but I’ve always wanted surround. Ok to today - my wife did a great job matching Klipsch and got me surround speakers. In ceiling CDT-5800. I can’t help but feel they are a bit too much. 9.5’ ceilings. Open floor plan with no wall to one side (into another room) and window to the other side, no wall behind (into kitchen) and fireplace below tv. Not best set up, but it can’t be changed. With the above, I’m torn sending these back for the 5650’s for something more in line with the front speakers. But return these for smaller? Once I install these though, I can’t make the hole I cut smaller. I also can’t find anyone who has tried a match like this. Any thoughts?
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