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  1. Lots of thanks you to you Shakey, you are one of the reasons for why I finally ended up with the Cornwalls. I’ve had a lot of doubts (in particular as dealers where I live don’t consider Klipsch as “true Hi-Fi”) and no possibility to audition before buying. Some also express concerns about the (lack of) bass. Luckily, you and a few others (including the Audiophiliac on YouTube) convinced me. In my room (a medium sized room) these speakers are excellent with a great bass that does not overpower the room. Again, thanks. Love them.
  2. Yes, I guess this might be the issue as it’s not really that prominent when the AV receiver is off. Seems like it’s more prominent also when using the Apple TV as compared to the STB. Everything is however grounded properly, not sure what else I can do (apart from be switching the receiver that I don’t really need).
  3. These will definitely stay. Just love the tonality and the impact. Awesome speakers. I’m considering to replace the receiver by new Bluesound node (as it has HDMI). I don’t need a receiver anyway. Hopefully, that will solve the problem.
  4. Thanks! These speakers are among the best speakers I’ve heard, it’s amazing what they do. The preamp is a Mark Levinson 326 and the receiver (Marantz, only used as a HDMI switch) is connected via it’s pre-amp ou to the ML in HT pass-through. Strangely, the hum is there as soon as I switch to that particular input on the ML, regardless of the Marantz being switched on or not.
  5. First impressions are, with the speakers basically flushed against the back wall, very slightly toed in, amazing! Definitely exceeding my expectations. i was worried that they would be bright, Definitely not so. I was worried they might not look good in my room. Well, they don’t, they are simply too big. Kind of awful actually. My wife hates them. But the way they make music! I immediately fell in love with these speakers. They are more fun than all of my recent , previous speakers (JBL L100 and 4349, Dynaudio confidence 20 and Genelec 8050). It’s not only that they are fun to listen to, they are, but they are also very nicely balanced and great with voices. The only problem I have encountered so far is a hum when connecting my preamp to the AV Receiver, phono and CD inputs are silent. I guess it’s due to the efficiency of the speakers, any suggestion on how to connect the receiver(it only has RCA out) are appreciated. .
  6. I was considering black ash but now I see that my pair in walnut look amazing.
  7. The speakers arrived this morning! They are now in place and I’m eager to try them out in the evening. One box was damaged, there was a hole of about 6x4” but luckily there was no visible damage to the speaker. One question, the rubber rings for the magnetic grilles, is it necessary to remove those?
  8. I had a McCormack once, paired well with my current Martin Logan Sequel 2s. Since then I have tried Musical Fidelity (terrible) Bryston 4B-SST (still own, maybe not quite as good as McCormack) and a Mark Levinson 432. The latter is definitely the best to my ears but I have no idea how either would pair with very efficient speakers. I also believe my preamp, Mark Levinson 326s, is better value than the power amp.
  9. Thanks, Shakey. Will post pictures and feedback as soon as they are in place. It’ll be a test for my Mark Levinson no 432, hugely overpowered at 2x400 W, hopefully it’s quiet enough. Plan to change it for something else in the future, my dealer suggested a First Watt F7. I guess a decent tube amp would do great as well.
  10. Thanks, certainly looking forward to finally have them in place. Funny thing is, despite trying other speakers, I’ve had a picture of Cornwalls as my screen saver so I guess that means I don’t dislike the way they look.
  11. Having considered my options for quite some time now I finally decided to get a pair of Cornwalls in walnut. Walnut was actually the only option my dealer could offer at this point, next delivery from Klipsch is due in September (I’m in Europe). Hope they will look nice once they are in place. I’ve tried JBLs (L100 and 4349, both nice but not really great, preferred the latter) and Dynaudio Confidence 20s, and at the same time I’ve been reading about the Cornwalls but thought that maybe they are too big, maybe too bright? But according to what I’ve read, they seem like a very nice match for what I’m looking for in a speaker. So, only one way to find out! I would have preferred to audition a pair but my dealer even sold his demo pair due to high demand. Expectations are high (as is excitement), hopefully within a week or so, I’ll be able to finally enjoy the Cornwalls.
  12. They look really nice, what a beautiful veneer on your pair. A lot more lively grain than I have on my current 4349. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I’ve decided to place an order for Cornwalls, but I can’t decide if I want cherry, walnut or black. The pictures on Klipsch web site suggests walnut to be more grainy and darker as compared with my current JBLs. Cherry is difficult, usually cherry veneer change colour with age, not very fond of those becoming more red. So, are there any pictures of Cornwall IVs where they are not completely out of the box? I’d be very happy if you would be kind enough to share pics of your own speakers! Thanks in advance!
  14. In general, homes are smaller which will of course have an effect on resale value as less people will be able to accommodate large speakers. On the other hand, resale also depends on popularity of the brand. In most parts of Europe I don’t believe Klipsch as a brand are very strong, this will also likely affect resale, regardless of model.
  15. I’m very grateful for this type of comparison as I have no possibility to demo either speaker. Just wish sound quality via You Tube were better. Based on the conclusion it seems like Forte IVs are close enough to the Cornwall IVs. The question is if one of these speakers is easier to place in the room, preferably not too far from the front wall. I noticed you have placed your Fortes quite close to the wall, if they sound good in that position that would be ideal. Cornwalls 2-3 feet from the front wall would be visually dominant in my room (and just not practical) but Fortes in that position I could live with.
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