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    excited to get these setup and hear them. thanks!
  2. yup, i run raspotify on the pi without issue. Can use my phone or pc to control spotify. I believe you need a paid spotify account for it to work though.
  3. i run a raspberry pi zero with a dac tophat. Maybe 50 bux for everything. Not quite plug and play but pretty straight forward and sounds great for a second system.
  4. So I moved the fortes into the other room and while they sound slightly better, still dont sound nearly as good as they do with other amps or as good as the spud does on the cornscalas.
  5. Im in southern california. I just hooked up the amp again to get a fresh idea of the sound and maybe distorted wasnt the right word. Def very bass light. Mids and top sound ok at best but bottom end is mostly missing. If i run the volume up, it just sounds shrill. Its weird because this amp sounds amazing on my other speakers but just doesnt seem to get along with the fortes. Maybe ill drag the fortes into the main listening room and see if the combo sounds any better in that room.
  6. Ya its the spud kit amp. The alk crossovers are on a set of cornscalas and the forte ii are running stock crossovers. Ive run the fortes with my "dynaco" st-120, a class d audio and a tubelab tseii. Fortes sound good with all other amps but really struggle with the spud
  7. i dont have the tools or the knowledge to obtain the impediance plot for the cornscalas. On the forte ii the sound is just extremely thin and slightly distorted at any volume level.
  8. its super timely that this topic came up. I recently build a spud amp (6cl6 based) and it sounds great on my cornscalas running alk crossovers. I recently tried the same amp on my forte ii and it was a different story. I know that the forte ii are supposed to be a pretty rough impediance load and the alk crossovers are supposed to create a nice easy speaker to drive. The amp is borderline unlistenable on the forte ii but 90% as good as anything ive ever heard on my cornscallas. Does this seem like the issue that Im running into?
  9. ever since I build a single ended amp, the PP has been mostly collecting dust. Only time the PP gets hooked up is when I need some extra volume. Where in Socal are you? I have a few different single ended amps you could listen to to push you over the edge
  10. I was previously running a similar setup (digital signal>Denon avr>300b amp) and while it worked well and was super convientient, the sound quality i get from my curent setup is way better and worth the extra hassle. Now i feed a digital signal from a raspberry pi into a dac and then into my amp. If you have the oppurtunity to try running your system that way I would highly recomend it.
  11. Its about time for me to pick up some new power tubes so I think Im gonna go for the kt-120. I have my 300b SET amp for when i want a warmer laid back sound. I usually use my st-120 when Im looking for a cleaner sound so it seems like theyd be a good fit.
  12. how did you like the kt-120? Im thinking about picking up a set. +1 on the rca cleartops and the amperex. Have you tried any 12bh7 in the middle position?
  13. A latino amp in triode is running each of the power tubes as triodes but in a push-pull configuration. In a push pull amp, each of the power tubes amplifies etther the positive or negative portion of the signal and then the two halves of the signal are combined again at the output transformer. In a single ended amp, the positive and negative portions of the signal are amplified in the same tube, preventing some of the distortion that occurs in a push-pull amp from when the two havles are combined again.
  14. I was hoping to swap out a few parts in my TSE to run 45 tubes but the prices are getting up there and new production 45 tubes are not cheap.
  15. The latino amps have a switch to run the tubes as triodes not single ended. The amp is still operating as a push pull. Having both a st-120 and a tubelab se running 300b, I can confirm they do sound significantly different.
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