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  1. Nice pics, are the wheels optional?
  2. I use the CT-120 tweeters and they are superior to the K77s and I've read that they have a better frequency range than the CT-125s.
  3. I'd have to disagree with you there. I have a set of extreme slope x-overs I bought from ALK and I am completely impressed. Prior to the extreme slopes I had a pair of Crites x-overs. They sounded ok but I was looking for better sound in the mid range, which required the extreme slopes and a few other components to be installed. I've spent many hours in front of these speakers and am still impressed.
  4. Just 11,000 is all I need.
  5. Love watching Adam Savage from Myth Busters do his thing. MeidasTouch comes in as a close second, for their legal analysis. After that anything to do with Cosmos, Science, Medical, Aviation. Sometimes Audio Gear but reviews are not subjective so what's the point?
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    Food Porn

    I've had the pleasure of camping in Colorado, If I recall it was Iron Mtn. Spent 10 days up around 9k ft and during the day we'd hike and climb to the peak. It sure felt good to get down to the plains and breath some real air. beautiful night skies, doesn't get much better than that.
  7. RickD

    Food Porn

    Thanks for the invite but I think, I'll pass.
  8. The mid-range is not removeable from the frame, it's integrated into the frame using some type of adhesive. The mid is wood coated with some type of dampening substance. Best I could do is remove the top hat, remove the frame and set the frame on top of the bass bin. I'd have to place some books under the BMS drivers to prevent the assembly from tilting up. I there are two things I can do, flip the top hat frame over so that the tweeters are on the opposites sides of the speakers and rotate the tweeters 90 degrees so the are mounted in a vertical planes as opposed to a horizontal plane as they are now. Flipping the tweeter would be the easiest change to make. I could also give Greg Volti a call and see what he thinks. He designed and built the top hat configuration.
  9. Side by Side - Mid tweet The top hats are currently installed in this configuration: left speaker is [ Mid - tweeter ] and the right speaker [ tweeter - Mid. ], Greg at Volti says he personally prefers the tweeters on the outside rather than the inside. It wouldn't take a lot of work to change that, all I have to do is remove the grill frame from the top hat and flip it over. The Volti mid horns are larger than the K55s they replaced taking up about 85 to 90 % of the vertical space of the grill and about 75% of the horizontal axis. The tweeters are mounted to a motor board in a horizontal configuration centered on the mid horn , rather than being mounted ||. The horizontal mounting of the tweeters would be easy to change simply by rotating the motor board 90 degrees. The tweeters have DE-120 drivers and CNC machined lenses that I purchased from a member of this forum. His name is Dave, don't recall his last name
  10. I assuming that the collar is the wood spacer between the bass bin and the top hat. I would say that my eye level is even with the collar or close to it. I can't remove the mid-horn because it is integrated into the grill frame. The tweeter sits to the side of the mid horn. The best I can do would be to lower the top hat by removing the collar which I think has been done on their current Khorns. Another possibility is to put the top hat on a table next to the bass bin. I like nice sound but I think that would be taking it to the extreme. After I get done with my million other project I may experiment a little with this issue.
  11. I've got a 200W per channel McIntosh MA352 driving my Khorns, It's rare occasion that the power meters ever gets to 2 watts. I chose this hybrid amp because of it's pleasing sound. I've got a 300B amp diy project in the basement that uses 8 300b tubes and puts out 1.5 watts per channel. Should be adequate for the Khorns.
  12. They'll sound about as good as sound your computer puts out.
  13. The easiest solution is to sit on the stairs. It's noticeably better sound up high but it still sounds great when in my usual sitting position
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