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    Pair of 1987 Klipschorns with Volti Tractix II horns, DaveA's tweeter lenses w/ DE120 drivers, RME ADI-2 DAC, McIntosh MA352, J.River 27 and Tidal.

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  1. Look on-line for a speaker cabinet builder. Some will cut the cabinet boards for you and ship as a flat pack. Greg Roberts (Volti) restores klipsch speakers and veneers. Might be pricey. www.Klipschupgrades.com Good Luck
  2. I updated the K400 horn to Volti's 2" horn with BMS 4592 drivers. Big jump in sound quality. Expensive..
  3. Thanks for the input. HF and LF are gonna go. They won't fit in my MC helmet.
  4. Equalizer APO did the trick. Using Peace extension. Steve- I didn't find how switch presets relating to the eq presets in the manual. Do you know what page it's on?
  5. $290 plus shipping will take these home.
  6. I am easy to work with. What do you offer?
  7. Check with Greg, he might buy them back from you. I sent him mine and he gave me credit on BMS drivers I purchased from him. Worked out to be a $100 discount from the distributors price. Worth a try!
  8. Hello - I have a pair of recently used K55M drivers for sale. These came out of a pair of 1987 khorns. They both work. PM me if interested. Regards,
  9. I've modded my Klipschorns and have some spare parts for sale. A pair of AK2 crossovers with bass bin caps and choke. Asking $200 plus shipping. Regards, Rick
  10. I'll post them. What do you think they are worth? They are AK2s
  11. I have the factory crossovers. Not using them.
  12. Sometimes I use J.River to listen to a couple of albums that are not on Tidal. Not often.
  13. The RME does use asio I installed the latest firmware. There is no way to change RME EQ settings via windows. I checked with RME.
  14. I've got my system sounding pretty good (at least to me) but I'd like to go one step further. I am using Tidal with an RME ADI-2 Dac. My music server is a Win10 Laptop that I remote control with RDP. My Khorns have been modded with ALK's ESS crossovers, BMS drivers, wood horns, DE-120 tweeter drivers. McIntosh MA-352 integrated amp. All is good except I have to get up and change the EQ on the dac occasionally to get some tracks sounding like they should. For instance I like Emmy Lou Harris how ever her voice comes on to strong in the mid-range. I'd like to have an equalizer on the server that I could use to alter the sound a bit remotely. I am still experimenting with the settings on Al's crossovers but I think that their will always be the need for minor adjustments. Appreciate any input.
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