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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll ping Al on this one see what he recommends. Originally he said the gentle slopes where the best bang for the buck, then he told me about the double play issue.
  2. I made two mistakes regarding hearing in my life, 1 was second row center at a Led Zeppelin concert ( couldn't hear my mom yelling at me for getting home late) 2 was firing a 9mm without ear protectors. My chair is about 15ft back from the speakers with 18ft ceilings. Al originally explained that his gentle slopes had an overlap where you hear sound in a band twice. That steered me towards the ES. If I don't like the Extreme slope I can send the ES4800 back and exchange for the A4800. My amp is a McIntosh MA352 with 200 per channel. The front meters show .02 to 1 watt when I am listening with 1 watt being comfortably loud. I imagine 100 watts which the khorns are rated for would cause structural damage to the house. I've been to too many concerts to count, I regret not saving my ticket stubs. Had to listen to Grateful Dead from out in the parking lot because I didn't have enough money. Probably just as well, they still sounded great.
  3. That is louder than I usually listen to my system. I'd guess I listen at 90 to 100db since the output meters on my McIntosh rarely go over 1 watt.
  4. 1970s, back when you could get a decent seat at a big name concert for $10 and a six pack of beer for less than $2. Those were the days.
  5. Dusty Hill lives on in my living room. RIP Dusty
  6. I placed an order for Al's extreme slope crossovers for my Khorns and am waiting in the queue. After ordering I noticed a statement on his web site that these crossovers work best at concert level listening. That statement left me wondering what constitutes concert level listening? A front row seat at a Grateful Dead concert or a mid section seat at an orchestra performance? My volume levels vary depending on the type of music I am listening to and if my wife is out. I've heard the horns play at 50w and that is borderline painful, usually I am at a watt or two of amp output which fills my house with sound. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi Frank - Do you know what tube manufacturer makes the tubes for the MA352? I heard that JJ makes them for McIntosh, with the Mc label on them but I can't confirm that. I have no complaints with my MA352, just curious.
  8. I remember when a buddy of mine got a pair of 901s. Those were the coveted speaker back then. I thought they sounded great, that is until I stopped into an Audio store and the owner gave me a demo of the Klipschorns. He played Dark Side of the Moon and my bell bottoms moved. Knew right then and there I needed to buy a pair.
  9. I use tidal and love it. I compared to Amazon HD streaming and found that only the ultraHD recordings in Amazon streaming are of good quality. Amazon's price is good at $7.99 a month for Prime users. I wish Tidal had click and drag capability to store music in folders. Also it would be nice if you could click on the track, rather than the white arrow.
  10. First and last set of speakers, Klipschorns. 1987 to present.
  11. Dave - How do these LMAHL lenses compare sonicly with the SMAHL that I currently have using the DE-120?
  12. My horns are 12ft from my recliner and my ceiling is 18ft. The stairway is behind my recliner. I think that my khorns sound best when my ears are about 12 feet up. Not a convenient place for the chair.
  13. $100, Plus shipping
  14. Music I grew up with -- 60s & 70s classic rock, spanish guitar music (Andre Segovia), lots of jazz. I am avoiding piano music as it sounds distorted via my khorns. I listen to the master recordings on Tidal which sound decent. My RME dac doesn't decode MQA but the sound is good. Own a few DSD albums that sound great. As far as those recordings that aren't so great I can remember from my younger days a fix for that. Roll up a big fat doobie and any old recording will sound great.
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