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  1. Sootshe - The DE10 is a driver. There appears to be a variety of horns that the DE10 can be fitted to, any suggestions there?
  2. Currently using Crites crossover, but will likely switch to Volti since I want to change the mid-range driver also to BMS Thanks for all the input
  3. I've been using Tidal for several months, at first the hip hop push irritated me but they seem to be toning down on that.
  4. Has anyone converted their Klipschorns to use the Beyma Tweeters. I ordered Volti's VTrac wood horn and am considering buying the CP25 tweeters. Would it be money well spent? Currently I have the Crites crossover and CT125 tweeter and am still looking to improve the sound. The midrange seems to be harsh to me. I am using a McIntosh MA352 amplifier and an RME ADI-2 FX DAC. Thanks,
  5. On my Khorns, I now have a Crites CT-125 tweeter that has a horn made of plastic. Would that benefit from the caulk?
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