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  1. My guess is not enough demand since they didn't come finished and no frame and fabric.
  2. Jimbo - Did you do the assembly? I understood that Dave only sold kits?
  3. I have a cabinet with pan-locks that was from my now deceased MCD7000. The cabinet is in nice shape, not perfect, it has dings on the rear corners of the cabinets. Not visible from the front. I'd take $150 plus shipping if anyone is interested.
  4. How long does vinyl last before it goes in the dumpster?
  5. I've got a pair of grills with K400s and K55-M drivers for sale
  6. I would replace the crossovers with ALK's crossovers. I recently modified my 87 Khorns and the result was fantastic. I spent about $4500 total, replaced the crossover with Al's extreme slope, Greg's mid horn with BMS drivers. DE2 tweeters with DaveA's lenses. People that visit who are not into audio have said great it sounds. Comments like it's as if the musicians were in the living room. The speakers sound bigly better than the new AK6's in the dealers listening room
  7. Sorry for the late reply, the corrections I needed were male vs female vocals and piano. Much of it I believe is related to break-in period. New Amp, new crossovers, new drivers, new dac. I installed Equalizer APO on the Windows 10 server and use a remote connection to a small laptop to control the levels. A relative recommended a DEQX unit for auto correction, but can't spend any more this year.
  8. I'm surprised that the K55 appeals to anyone but I realize we all hear things in a different way.
  9. I shouldn't have spent the money. Now my chores are getting neglected.
  10. I bought Al's Extreme Slope Cross Overs. I didn't care for the K55m driver much. First thing I did was purchase Crites A/4500hz crossover and CT120. Sound was much improved, probably due to 30 year old caps in the original xover and getting rid of the K77s. But the muddled mid-range was still there. Next I bought a pair of wood horns from Greg Roberts, again the sound improved, the muddled mid-range seemed to be pushed further back in the sound stage but it was still there. After installing Al's ESS and the BMS driver. Everything sounds great. Took awhile to get the auto-transformer set correctly but the complete mod of the KHorns was worth the money. My total investment was more than 9 grand less than a pair of AK6s, including the price I paid for the speakers new. The K55-M drivers may appeal to some but I like seeing them sitting on my workbench. If there are better mid-range drivers than the 4592s I haven't run across them. I'm not into spending more money in the near future, but if better technology comes along I will consider it. Since not all recordings are done by the same tech or sound boards, I have a parametric EQ that I use to make adjustments. I use a PC as a music source and control via remote desktop.
  11. I myself haven't used any solid core wiring or pumped a 100 watts into my woofer (if I did I would no longer need a hifi). My speakers are Khorns and the watt meters on my McIntosh rarely have seen over .02 watts even though I have 200 per channel. My point is that speaker wires don't play a big part in the end result. The dealer I bought my speakers from lent me some very expensive cables and I or anyone who listened to them could tell a difference between the high end cable and monster cable. One day I'll connect some Cat 6 wire to my system and see if it sounds any different than the 12ga wiring I currently use. Regarding Skin Effect it seems logical that there would be less resistance with multi strand wire of say 12ga vs solid core of 12ga due to the increase of available skin.
  12. Does a single conductor make a positive difference for you? From what I've read the current flow through a conductor induces a magnetic field which produces eddy currents forcing the flow of electrons to the surface of the conductor in what is known as the "Skin Effect" therefore stranded wire provides more surface area for electons to flow. Frequency plays a part in this but at the moment I can't recall the specifics.
  13. Just to clarify are your solid copper wires stranded speaker wires or single conductor like Romex?
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