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  1. Thats exactly how I'm doing it, thats how I ended up with the Forte IIIs. I bought the Fortes last year and now I want to try a tube amp. I really like the Primalunas but the top of the food chain on that one is a lot of money, that being said I think a McIntosh is a bit out of reach me so we'll see how it goes.
  2. I do things a bit piece meal to keep from spend a ton of money in one shot, so running an amp through the Marantz is a try it out to see and upgrade later type of thing. I just want to find an amp that I will be good with long term and I can always add a preamp later. I take if I ran of the record on Marantz I would need to add a equalizer of some sort between there and the power amp. My plan was to use the pre outs on the Marantz to still use the front panel on the receiver.
  3. The current listening room is a small living room. My house is small so I use my system to listen to music in the whole downstairs of my house. One concern of mine is I would like to make sure I buy an amp powerful enough when I move to a larger place I do not need to upgrade. Using the record jack on the Marantz, is it still controlled by the volume knob and tone settings?
  4. I am in the same boat, I am looking for a decent tube amp to drive my Forte IIIs.
  5. This is what I'm affraid of because I like my Marantz a lot but I really want a warmer sound. I use the tuner on the Marantz so I figured using the pre-outs to a tube power amp might do the trick. I also don't think I can do power amp and pre amp in one shot right now, so I guess I'll see how it goes. I was looking hard at the Latino St70 or ST120, little more in my price range than the something like a EVO 400 Primaluna. I do know how to solder a bit so building a kit might be an option for me. Awesome, there are so many amps out there to check out that I don't know where to settle. McIntosh looks great but they are pretty expensive, so are the Primalunas.
  6. I am in Southern Connecticut.
  7. I agree this is true, but I'm just trying to get a little feedback from people who have experience with tube amps. I did check out Decware, their amps look really nice. I'm finding that my Forte IIIs are a little bright for my taste with my solid state receiver the way it is right now. I've read in a lot of places that those speakers are really complimented by a tube amp. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of places in my area that I can go listen to different amps in person.
  8. Awesome! I'm looking forward to hearing some thoughts on the subject.
  9. Hello everyone, just looking for a little bit of information from people with more experienced than my self. The current system I have now is a Marantz 2270 with a pair Klipsch Forte III, I am looking for a little bit of a warmer sound so I decided I was going to get a tube power amp. I plan on utilizing the pre-outs on the Marantz and running it that way. I am really looking to make this purchase once considering it is a pretty big one. I've been researching amps pretty hardcore and was leaning toward a VTA St70 or ST120 but I have also been looking at Primaluna, McIntosh and some others. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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