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  1. This ad popped up on my feed today. At first glance, I thought it was something other than a turntable stand, lol.
  2. chassell


    Very nice. A great deal for someone.
  3. This guy is squirrely AF. I've made a deal with him not once, but twice and he's backed out both times. The first time he said he'd decided that he just couldn't part with them and the second time he told me he had given them to his son.
  4. chassell

    crypto currency

    I wish. The anti-woke culture reigns. We prefer our heads in the sand.
  5. chassell

    Car Thread

  6. Gosh, I agree. Clean with bright trim and bright logos. Aluminum SMAHLS would look gorgeous in those.
  7. chassell


    Some recent research reveals that, in rats anyway, exercise stimulates release of a hormone that reduces appetite.
  8. I "asked the historian" to see if there was info about my LSIs. The reply was "shipped to Germany in 1978".
  9. Post in the ask the historian section. Industrial speaker serial numbers do not, by themselves indicate year of manufacture, but Klipsch has records of many of the industrials.
  10. I cannot imagine. I'm running an old Marantz 2230 with only 30wpc with my 301's and you could rattle your fillings with that!
  11. They're nice integrated amps. Running LSIs in my shop with one.
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