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  1. I am thinking of putting armrests (absorbent) on the back of the enclosures
  2. Yes, it brought down the vibrations on the ground, clearly. on the other hand no change in the level of the wall... the hanging pictures vibrate, even the projection canvas...
  3. Now i looking for to improve the room below the Klipsch and behind me... After that i will have to find a better DAC than i have at the moment (Yamaha wxc50 ). The problem is than i like the Musicast System from this one... May be keep it and a real DAC after and then to my amplifier Yamaha...
  4. Then I removed the other klipsch rf7 and rf 82 to give space!
  5. Hi! A review of my progress. So: 1/ transition to bi amplification... very noticeable change of the bass, much more pechu and more presence. 2/ decoupling of the speakers. I put a polystyrene slab and on top a concrete/slate slab about 30kg and the speakers on spikes placed on it. the again it is a flawless! Really cash of this musical progression!
  6. Thanks ! Billybob... I'm going to try that this week-end... I kype you in tooch. Regards Raphaël
  7. So you think it's better to take off the "screws" and having something in caoutchouc...
  8. Here is the screw below the klf30...
  9. At a certain level of listening the floor and especially the placoplatre wall behind the enclosures vibrates, resonates
  10. they are laid on tiles... I have a carpet at 2m in front of the coir enclosures...
  11. I use my system not too loud. I am placed 3.5m from the speakers. I like to listen to pop concerts, pkus poprock or less loud... really it’s the tense bass side I’m looking for. can also be decoupling the enclosures from the floor...
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