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  1. I'm quite new to audio in general, would a integrated amplifier be able to do Bluetooth etc. It's supposed to be a one for all kind of setup. They are not audiophiles in any way so I'm guessing it shouldn't be too expensive. I'm setting the max to 400 euro's(we live in the Netherlands) but I'm guessing less would be ideal for them. Sorry for not mentioning this! It would be all that minus the radio. It's just going to be in the living room, so for music and movies. I'm sure music is way more important though since they don't watch movies all that much. Which model would you recommend? Unfortunately buying outside of the Netherlands is way to expensive due to all kinds of taxes when shipping from another country. Thanks for responding! (sorry it took so long for me to respond) Paul
  2. Hey guys, My parents-in-law are looking into buying a stereo set for at home, I recommended the 600m because they are nice and not too big. What is a good receiver too pair up with it. They don't want it to be big and bulky, I have the denon avr-1400h for example and they find that too big. Thanks in advance, Paul
  3. I would indeed rather have the RP8000f with the 500sa's as well, also because I will eventually be moving to another place. The tv is 65inch. The base is 35", so that would be a bit larger, but I guess that would still work since that would only be a tiny bit wider and the tv is also not that heavy (25.40kg). Do you need 4 dolby atmos modules? 2 front and 2 back or is 2 enough. Thanks for all the help
  4. First of all thanks for responding! I noticed the Home Theater section after I created the topic and I wasn't able to find a option to change the section. I posted a new to topic in the Home Theater section linking this topic so I'm hoping some people will see it. Anyway, moving on. It's great to hear that a center under my tv would work, that makes it all that much easier! The RP504c seem like a great pick. Do you have any recommendations on the sub? I'm also looking into dolby atmos, the in-ceiling speakers are out of the question since I'm renting but I saw the review of Youthman about dolby enabled speakers and was thinking about buying those kind of speakers. In his video linked below he says that the RP-8060 FA would work better than the klipsch 500sa on top of the 8000f's for example. What are your thoughts on this? And how does the RP-8060 FA compare to the 8000f's front speaker wise? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GMjnazQ81E My ceiling is really flat, so the up firing speakers should work nicely. Ceiling There is also the possibility to mount 500SA's to the wall I think, but notice in the picture that my couch is straight and the wall diagonal so I'm not sure if that will work. Back wall Thanks in advance, Best regards, Paul
  5. Hey guys, I have some questions about a Klipsch surround system. I created a topic already but put in under personal sound systems because I'm stupid, so I'm just going to post the link in here since reposting it here would be a bit redundant. Thanks in advance for helping out! Best regards, Paul
  6. Hey Guys, I am new here and have a few questions. I am currently using the Klipsch 500m together with the Klipsch r-12sw and a Denon 1400x avr receiver. I want to upgrade to a surround setup and have been seeing a lot of good reviews on the 8000f’s, so I will probably buy a pair of those and use the 500m's as surround speakers. My first question is, what is a good center to pair up with these speakers? I have a few problems since I would rather not hang my tv on the wall (because I am renting at the moment) so there isn't a lot of space for a center speaker. But I’m willing to do it if there are no other possibilities. Is it possible to set the tv on the center (I have the LG C8 65 inch which weighs 25.40 kg)? I currently have my receiver in the middle of the tv stand, I could put the receiver somewhere else, but I think the room there is a bit to small (I would rather not buy a small center just because it will fit if it sounds significantly worse than a bigger one). I provided a picture of my setup down below. The hole where the receiver currently is located is 65cm wide and 30 cm high. I do not think a center in front of the tv will be possible since there is only 6cm from the tv stand to the screen so it would probably block the screen. Second question is, should I upgrade my subwoofer. I find that the subwoofer is just not quite as good as the speakers. Sounds a bit boomy sometimes and it is not fast at all. It was a 200-euro subwoofer so of course it is more on the cheaper side so it could be expected. I know it is in a bad spot right now since it is behind a chair (we do not have the space the put it somewhere else) but I had it not blocked in my previous place and it was kind of the same. And last question is, should I upgrade my receiver. Will it do the 8000f's justice? To sum it up: What is a good center and what are my options for placing one? Do I need to upgrade my sub, if yes what is a good one? Do I need to upgrade my receiver, if yes which one works well with these speakers? Picture of setup Thanks in advance, cheers Paul
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