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  1. @Ceptorman @willland Thanks for your feedback. Hmm, are you referring to top right corner? the only corner that i can place is the bottom right corner next to sofa. Would you recommend that? I am also thinking of going dual subs. One below the center speaker and the other in bottom right corner. The surround speaker will be wall mounted. I don't have space around the sofa for a stand.
  2. Hi - Below is the current setup i have Klipsch RP280f for front Klipsch RP504c for center SVS PB-1000 Klipsch RP-502s for surround Denon X4700H AVR Unknown brand speakers came installed in my ceiling. currently using them for atmos/auro 3d My room is 17x20x8 and please see the layout in the attachment. Questions / need recommendations 1. What's a good position for surround (Pink or Grey triangles are possible positions i can mount) 2. I just got the RP-502s? Will RP-600M be a better bet for the surrounds? 3. Should i look into some external amplifiers for LRC Movie / music is 70/30. I usually listen in stereo mode for music.
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