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  1. Decided to keep. Thanks for in put. You guys were right (except wife telling me to sell it, lol) There just isn’t anything that sounds this good. Maybe by end of year I will update sub.
  2. Man that’s right inline from what I’m looking for everything. Was just not wanting the headache of each piece. Shipping what not. Hmmmm
  3. RandyHooo I think I want to keep system together for now. However, see how it goes. If piecing it out is best. You will get first dibs
  4. Ok, I don’t know where people are thinking the wife is the problem here. Lol. This system is amazing, but I want it in a theatre, it in a front room. Thanks fir the concerns though
  5. Left knob fell off on move got edges. No dents or damage anywhere.
  6. Center of Iowa. Willing to work out any hook ups for delivery. I’ll keep trying to work around uploading pics
  7. KLF20 OAK RC7 BLACK RS7 BLACK RSW15 BLACK DENON AVR4520CI This system is pure musical enjoyment. A lot invested, but hitting a spot in my life I’m never getting that theatre/guys room. Some wear and tear but nothing really noticeable. ‘I’m asking $3,500 tried uploading pics says bigger than 2mb
  8. I’m selling a pair of klf 20’s. But as a set with rest of theatre system. Klipsch KLF20 OAK KLIPSCH RC7 BLACK KLIPSCH RS7 BLACK KLIPSCH RSW15 BLACK DENON AVR452OCI There is some wear and tear, but perform amazingly. asking $3,500
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