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  1. I think most people, as a minimum, update the tweeters to titanium diaphragms (Crites) for less than $50 including shipping. If the current diaphragms have a problem, maybe that's all you need. If you already replaced the crossover, then you know the wiring to the tweeters is good (do you?). Maybe somebody here can tell you how to test if the diaphragm is the problem. I don't know how to do that, but, unless somebody tells you how to do it, I would just take a tweeter apart and look at it. If something's wrong, you might be able to see it. Some of them have ferro-fluid in them that might get where it doesn't belong. There are some very tiny wires that might be damaged. Crites has instructions on his website for replacing the diaphragm. By following that as you take it apart, you should avoid doing more damage. https://critesspeakers.com/replacing_the_diaphragm_on_.html
  2. I know it's been a few years, but does anybody have an update on Four Pi compared to CornScala or Cornwall IV? Cornwall IV seems to be the standard to shoot for, and from what I read, not many have surpassed it, but I haven't seen any head-to-head comparisons. HPower are you a Max fan? I want Gasly back at RB.
  3. Klipsch did have some for sale a few months ago. part number 1067961. If you wish to order, you can contact us at 800-554-7724, Option 1, between 9A.M.-4P.M. (EST) Monday-Friday.
  4. Ciare’s still back-ordered. Alex thought they would be here in March.
  5. Why would you take the trouble to post an opinion and then say if someone has a different opinion, you couldn’t care less? How old are you?
  6. LORDROOTMAN: What can you tell us about those speaker stands?
  7. Wow! I have seen ZenMod. He’s very active and knowledgeable, but I had no idea he actually built a new board. I will go read up on the DIYaudio thread. I’m curious to know what the problems were that he fixed, as I built mine with zero problems. Ran perfectly the first time using FLOHMANN’s build guide for noobs, which was very well done, complete with detailed instructions, Mouser-loaded BOM!, build tips and gotchas. If anybody is thinking about building an Aleph J, I highly recommend it. https://diyalephj.blogspot.com
  8. ClaudeJ1, did you decide not to pursue Super Cornwall 2.0 because of feasibility reasons or did you just develop other interests? Not having an old Cornwall at hand, I was wondering if it could be done with a Crites CornScala box and the horns you were working on. Is that still a possibility or would you recommend another path? Has anybody put a good CornScala or DIY Cornwall up against a Cornwall 4? I have done a few searches but haven’t really seen anything. It’s a high bar, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a very well-made CornScala with excellent components still does not match a stock CW4, but I’d love to see someone who did an A/B.
  9. Thanks, Gnarly. Wow. This hobby has no end. I feel like I’m in nursery school compared to your level of activity. Thanks for the explanation.
  10. Hey Chief, Ouch. I hold you in such high esteem. If somebody else had said it, I wouldn’t bother. But when Chief Bonehead gives you a spanking, you feel it. When people come over to my house and marvel at the looks and sound coming out of my KLF-30’s, I tell them that they are restored 20-year-old Klipschs. Without fail, my guests are VERY impressed, and I think the reputation of Klipsch is broadened and enhanced. Nobody has ever said, “Well, those aren’t really Klipsches any more, are they?”. Of course they are! It sounds like you are not a big fan of these 3rd-party “upgrades”. One way you could help keep our legacy products more pure Klipsch for 20+ years is to make sure replacement parts are always available, along with any upgrades that are easily transferred from newer models. Many successful companies take pride in doing this. LORDROOTMAN, sounds like your KLF-30s are at least as “updated” as mine are, so I have to defer to your superior experience, as I’ve never had both in the room together. If your KLFs sound at least as good as mine do, and the CF4’s sound that much better, then my journey is just beginning. Thank goodness I’ll be rich some day.
  11. Thanks, Gnarly. I like your reciprocity method idea. Suppose I find a perfect spot for the microphone - how does that translate back to speaker position? Visualizing me doing it makes me want to take a nap. But I’m sure it’s worth the effort if done properly.
  12. LORDROOTMAN: As a big KLF-30 fan, I was dismayed to hear the comparison videos you did between the KLF-30 and the CF4. The KLF-30s sounded, by comparison, like they were playing in a cardboard box. I never thought my KLF-30s sounded so boring, but maybe it’s just because I’m used to them and I don’t know what I’m missing. So I fired up my system and found the same song you played (great song BTW, much better than the regular version!). I recorded it with my iPhone and it sounded just like your recording of the CF4. FWIW, mine were nicely glued up and refinished by ITEACHSTEM. They have the Crites crossover, titanium tweeter, and the A55G squawker. The woofers are some $88 Dayton Audio 12 inchers that ITEACHSTEM sold me as ‘upgrades” to the originals, which he listed separately ($350/pr). I expect that once the Ciaras are available, the bass will improve quite a bit. So, now I’m wondering if your KLFs are working to the best of their ability. Is it possible that if people can’t find a nice pair of CF4s, for similar money they could get equivalent sound, and a lot more upgrade options, by going with the KLF-30?
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