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  1. thanks for the information. I learned of JEM last night while perusing these forums. I will be contacting him soon. I’m thinking I may get the speakers up to spec first on my list- build up from a solid foundation
  2. Thanks! Yes, hopefully I can make the best decision
  3. Hello everyone! I recently acquired a set of 1977 Heresy speakers. They sound great but I need more bass. I’m only running a turntable, a Realistic LAB-270. With a Denon DRA-750 receiver (I believe it’s from 1985) I’d like to get the best subwoofer for this setup. I’ve heard a 70s receiver might be better & also a crossover upgrade (I’ve emailed Crite’s about this) My system sounds good as is - But some records have better bass than others. I’d like to have more oomph for those that need it. Thanks for any help. CL
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