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  1. Check for used gear. I know I just saw a 5 channel Emotiva UPA-5 for well under $400. I know it's more channels, (125w x 5) but perhaps it will allow for future expansion.
  2. I saw this and thought to pass it along. Seems like they are in great condition, but also asking top dollar for them. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/d/chicago-klipsch-cornwall-iis/7332172439.html
  3. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/ele/d/glenview-pair-klipsch-kg2-oiled-walnut/7335495083.html
  4. This seems to be in the same general area, but closer to Chicago. A little less $$ https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/sugar-grove-klipsch-kg-35/7283510097.html
  5. I agree. He might be better selling each item individually. A lot of people like to do their own pairing of components.
  6. I had a pair of KLF20's that I parted with last year. When I purchased them sight unseen shipped from Florida, they had 2 bad woofers with voice coil rub. Ugh! That was annoying! Seeing as there were no OEM replacements to be found at the time, I decided to try the 10" Ciare HW251N drivers after hearing good things about the Ciare HW321 people used in their KLF 30's. Well, they were decent. I wasn't floored and didn't notice any substantial improvement. A little more money than I wanted to be investing in the set.(mid $500 range shipped to my shop.) However, I had some Dayton DSA270-8's in the shop waiting on another project, and I decided to drop them in to see what they would sound like. Couldn't hurt right? Needless to say, the Ciare's went up for sale on eBay the next day. Not only did the Daytons sound tighter, but they looked less like an aftermarket driver slapped in the cabinet as well. (They were in the low $300 range shipped when I purchased them) I know a lot of people one here use Dayton electronic components and the ultimax line of subwoofers, but I would recommend looking at the DSA270-8's as an option for the KLF 20.
  7. To find a good starting point, go to ebay, find your speakers and then click on "sold items" or "completed item" in the menu options on the left side of the screen to see what they sold for recently. This should get you in the ballpark on common speakers like this. Ultimately, they are worth whatever someone is willing pay for them. This can fluctuate based on the economy, etc. You can ask top dollar, and you may eventually get it, however the downside to this is that you might be sitting on them for a while.
  8. That's why I like these...they have 2 set screws. You just have to have a small enough screwdriver to fit the opening so you can tighten them all the way down. I have had these for years and never had an issue with one loosening up.... even on the set I use to test speakers... they are constantly plugged and un-plugged.
  9. I know I'm late to the game, but for a dedicated home theater I say spend the money on a decent center and decent subs! If you are going to use it as a music system as well, then you need respectable left and right mains as well, but not necessarily huge ones as you will still have the subs filling in the low end. I don't recommend skimping on the surrounds, but no need to use massive tower speakers as some people swear by! (Unless you have a gigantic room!)
  10. I love the look of the old vintage receivers, with their switches, meters, etc. I wish a company would do a cool "retro" version with quality top notch components, so you can get the retro look with all of the features of a top notch receiver....and while were at it, I wish that it wouldn't cost several mortgage payments either!
  11. I have not heard the 10's, but I would guess that they would be very similar in sound quality as the 12's... just dialed back a bit. I did have the opportunity to hear a home theater that had two of the r-12sw's.... and for home theater they were okay. Unless you did a back to back comparison with a better sub, I could see where a lot of people would be okay with it. But for music I was not impressed. It seemed to lack definition and clean punch.
  12. You have to be careful with reviews. They are a good place to start, however, a lot of them can be bought and paid for. And consider the audience that is buying this sub.... due to the price-point, it's most likely a first time purchase upgrading a soundbar, or adding a sub to average quality main speakers....and of course it's going to sound significantly better than what they had. And, for the price, I'm sure it's a good value. Hopefully klipsch addressed their amplifier issues.... they are notorious for being problematic.
  13. The Ciare woofers have been on backorder for a while. So, I used these Beyma drivers and was very impressed. They are also less expensive. Beyma 12BR70
  14. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/Klipsch_bymfg_16-0-1.html https://reconingspeakers.com/brand/klipsch/
  15. Here is what I use... 16 gauge speaker wire with cabledirekt terminators (from amazon) KabelDirekt – Banana Plug – 11-16 AWG, Connector (10 Pair), 24K Gold-Plated, Screwable, Suitable for Flexible Connection of the Cable to Hi-Fi Boxes, Amplifiers, AV Receivers and Sound Systems
  16. Good luck! It's always fun to try different gear.... sometimes a little painful on the wallet though!
  17. Since I was in my 20's and heard a set of cornwalls in a small audio shop I've always wanted to own a set. However, at the time, I couldn't afford to buy a pair. Well, fast forward several decades, now I can afford to buy a pair. However, I wish they would knock off about 6" on the width and ad it to the depth! This would help modernize the look and perhaps help with the wife approval factor for some of you out there! They don't need to hug the wall as a center channel between to khorns anymore. Although, I do think they would go well in mid century mod. architecture!
  18. One of my favorite bands, RUSH, fell into the bad recording era for several of their albums, and I almost find it more enjoyable to listen to them on less revealing systems....like while driving in the car, because on my good systems they just sound awful! For a while, and still to this day, a great deal of recording was/is done to maximize output level for radio play..... which killed all dynamics!!!!
  19. 35 watts is plenty for most people unless you plan on listening to your music at high dB levels. Also, are you using a powered subwoofer with the Forte II's? IF yes, then 35 watts will be sufficient. Now don't get me wrong, there is something to say about having a good amount of overhead, but again, you have to look at your intended use for this system.
  20. Hello, Here's my experience with Emotiva. I own 4 products from them. A home theater pre-amp, a 2 channel pre-amp, and two XPA 5 channels amps. 50% of the gear had issues. Not a good track record. Everyone was giving them rave reviews when they came out. They were praised for having great sound/specs/etc at an unbelievable price point. Well, now we know why they could produce equipment for so cheap.... they skimped on components ( as well as being produced in China). Sure, they work great for a while, but reliability is key for me. My 3 rotel amps are going on 20 years with not a single issue. My Emotiva is going on about 8 years and has capacitor issues on one channel. I would rather pay a little bit more for something and have it last a lot longer! I hope this helps with your decision. -DW
  21. The best way to find out is to do a listening test between the two. Find a decent movie passage (Maybe like one minute) that has good center channel content. Play it on one speaker, and then switch out and try the same passage on the second speaker and repeat until you determine which one sounds better to you. I feel the key to a successful home theater is a great center channel and a great subwoofer(s) Those two are the most important. Obviously decent left and right speakers are needed, but some go overkill with the main speakers in a home theater setting (Unless you are using these for 2.1 channel audio as well) Surrounds, as long as you are using something decent, don't have to be huge! Some people go overkill and run huge speakers for surround. Unless you are trying to fill an auditorium sized theater room , smaller speakers that reach down to at least around 60hz will do just fine reproducing the zings, pops, crashes, etc that are sent to the surrounds I have used parts express dayton audio drivers many times. Some of their drivers will suprise you and are a great bang for the buck and should cost a lot more than they are charging! I have used the exact same woofers you mentioned, but not the tweeters. I used the woofers as mid-bass drivers. 2 12" dayton woofers, 2 6" dayton for midwoofers and an AMT for mid/ tweeter. I tri amped the speakers and they sound amazing. So much so that I sold my KLF30's last year and replaced them with my new build. Woofer Mid woofer Tweeter
  22. I love my K2 on sub duty! I highly recommend these amps to drive subs. Damping factor >3000 from 10-400hz
  23. Even smaller ones do too. Where I went to college I remember checking out the amp rack for their fieldhouse. It consisted of 1 comtech 1600, 1 comtech 400, 1 crown K1 and 2 crown K2's.
  24. For sub duty Crown (and QSC, etc) are hard to beat. I currently use a Crown K2 on my 15" subs and I love it! I know some people like to turn up their noses at Crown amps, but I think a lot of them are just upset that a $350 used crown amp sounds as good if not better driving subs than their super pricey boutique amplifier that costs several mortgage payments. I understand there are better amps for the rest of the frequency spectrum where the differences may be perceived as more audible, but along with that comes the price. I say use whatever sounds good to you and fits your budget.
  25. Hello, I have in-walls as well (pro-180RPW) and similar problem with the framing. I just used an RP-404 and I love it. Slim and sounds great for a medium sized room. I found a great deal online... if you're not in a hurry I'm sure you can find some good deals. My in-walls: https://www.klipsch.com/products/pro-180rpw-in-wall-speaker My center: https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-404c-center-channel-speaker
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