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  1. Interestingly, the same guy who sold me the Forte IIs has this same model (NAD T773) for sale at a good price. However, it's too tall for my space....and doesn't get the style-approval from the wife for the second possible location. If the CXA60 sounds good like the NAD T773, and looks good enough for the wife to be happy, then it's worth the price difference.
  2. Thanks @Bubo for the suggestions, too. I have a narrow (height-wise) spot for this amp/receiver, so tall ones won't work for me. And they're in prominent places for visibility, so my wife gets some say regarding the amps' appearance. If the seller is comfortable with me (as I'm new to the forum and not established), I may purchase the CXA60 from Cambridge in the garage sale area. And I may pick up a cheap/old AVR to compare it to. If I don't like it, perhaps I can sell later, or move to the even more visible (but less sonically important) part of the house? Who knows.
  3. No, actually. Just the Fortes by themselves. And thanks for your Emotiva experience. I think I may try an older AVR and a Cambridge (60 or 80 watt version) and see if I can tell a difference.
  4. I'm in the Houston area. I might try both an older AV receiver and a newer one to see if I can tell the difference. I bet my room will be the limiting factor, honestly. But I can tell a HUGE difference in acoustic guitars between the $600-900 range and $2,000-3,000 range, and I'm curious how the price/value levels compare with amps.
  5. Was Cambridge and/or Marantz included in those A/Bs?
  6. Thanks! Appreciate it. My only concerns have really been the "brightness" people describe with Cambridge Audio, as my rooms are pretty bad with windows and wall asymmetry. I have Forte IIs that should be easy to drive, but I also have Infinity R263 in a different room, and I think I need enough power to be able to drive those in the future in case I make any AV changes. That's why I'm leaning toward more than the 25.
  7. Thanks, Rivernuggets. I'm actually contemplating buying the CXA60 in the garage sale area. I had been planning on the cheaper AXR85 line, but the used CXA60 isn't that much more.
  8. I know this is a hard question to answer, but how much will a newbie like myself notice a difference when I can't A/B compare the two? I wish I could compare listening myself!
  9. Hi, as it relates to your Klipsch speakers (mine are Forte IIs), can anyone relate a comparison between Cambridge Audio's AX (entry) and CX (higher) level lines for an amp? Thanks.
  10. Hi, for an ignorant person like me, this seems expensive even at the lower price. Is the main cost the DAC? To be able to bypass a computer's own DAC and still put it into a good sounding amp? Otherwise, why wouldn't someone just get a NR1200? I guess the form factor is cute.
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