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  1. Yes, it is great.  Clear upgrade in sound fullness from the Sherwood.  Is it possible I could have found the same sound improvement from something slightly cheaper?  Maybe.  I'll never know. 


    I had wondered if I'd be able to tell the difference, or if it'd be an "emperor's new clothes" moment when I couldn't tell any difference.  However, what I definitely know is the moment I used my Forte IIs for the first time (with the Sherwood amp), I was underwhelmed with the fullness of sound.  And the moment I used the Cambridge for the first time, I thought, now this is what these are supposed to sound like.  The intro to the Beatles' "Come Together" may be the best demonstration of this.  It was thin before the Cambridge, and it felt like a gimmicky, clicky intro.  With the Cambridge, I feel like the intro is worth having in the song.

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  2. This is embarrassing, but I think (and hope) I did my testing wrong. I'm hopeful it might actually be a bad/old speaker cable (quite old).  I thought I had confirmed with a newer one before posting, but it's possible I could be mistaken, as another speaker had the same issue with this cable when I plugged in a temporary replacement.  @CECAA850, thank you.  If I need to head your way, I'll let you know.  Thanks for your offer.

  3. I'm the one who bought this amp.  I love it, and it has a significantly noticeable sound stage and quality compared to the little Sherwood RX-4105 it replaces.


    More importantly, my interaction with @rmlowz was absolutely phenomenal.  Super responsive, meticulously careful packaging (double boxed....my wife saw the perfect double boxing and packaging and asked, "Wait, is it new?"), accurate description of course, and just all-around great guy. 


    If he ever posts anything else for sale or wants to buy from you, do it.  Or better yet, tell me so I can. 

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  4. Well, @rmlowz did a great job packing the CXA60 from the garage sale forum, and it sounded great until one of my Forte IIs went silent (all speakers in the Forte seemed silent).  The same Forte II had gone silent once before, about a month ago.  It seemed strange, and I disconnected and reconnected the speaker wire from the terminals.  It seemed to fix it at the time (a month ago), though I was surprised, since the wire hadn't seemed loose at first.


    Tonight, I flipped the speaker channels to ensure it wasn't the amp, and sure enough, the same speaker remained silent.  New speaker cable, and still silent. 


    I don't know speaker guts stuff.  But I carefully removed the rear radiator, and I don't think I see any fried or loose wires.  Of course, I could be wrong.  Does anyone have a great recommendation of someone in the Houston area? 

  5. 7 minutes ago, willland said:

    NAD T773

    Interestingly, the same guy who sold me the Forte IIs has this same model (NAD T773) for sale at a good price.  However, it's too tall for my space....and doesn't get the style-approval from the wife for the second possible location.  If the CXA60 sounds good like the NAD T773, and looks good enough for the wife to be happy, then it's worth the price difference.

  6. Thanks @Bubo for the suggestions, too.  I have a narrow (height-wise) spot for this amp/receiver, so tall ones won't work for me.  And they're in prominent places for visibility, so my wife gets some say regarding the amps' appearance.  If the seller is comfortable with me (as I'm new to the forum and not established), I may purchase the CXA60 from Cambridge in the garage sale area.  And I may pick up a cheap/old AVR to compare it to.  If I don't like it, perhaps I can sell later, or move to the even more visible (but less sonically important) part of the house?  Who knows.

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  7. 20 hours ago, Bubo said:

    Where are you located ?


    I'm in the Houston area.  I might try both an older AV receiver and a newer one to see if I can tell the difference.  I bet my room will be the limiting factor, honestly.  But I can tell a HUGE difference in acoustic guitars between the $600-900 range and $2,000-3,000 range, and I'm curious how the price/value levels compare with amps.

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  8. 1 minute ago, wetowne said:

    I can't offer an opinion as to comparisons but I can tell you that my little AXA25 sounds great with my Heresy 1s. I think it was money well spent and I didn't have to spend much. Very detailed yet smooth sounding and more than enough power for efficient speakers. I prefer tubes but still find the axa25 enjoyable.  

    Thanks!  Appreciate it.  My only concerns have really been the "brightness" people describe with Cambridge Audio, as my rooms are pretty bad with windows and wall asymmetry.


    I have Forte IIs that should be easy to drive, but I also have Infinity R263 in a different room, and I think I need enough power to be able to drive those in the future in case I make any AV changes.  That's why I'm leaning toward more than the 25.

  9. Hi,

    I picked up some used Forte IIs recently, and I'm wanting to upgrade from a cheap Sherwood amp.  Does anyone have opinions regarding the following amps/receivers?


    Are there characteristic sounds of these amps/receivers that work well?  I don't have the opportunity to compare the sounds, sadly.


    Cambridge AXA35     -   Is 35 watts enough for most people with the Forte IIs?

    Cambridge AXR85     - 

    Emotiva TA-100         -  Has anyone compared the Emotiva with the Cambridge units? 

    Marantz slim line (maybe a used NR1403 or even a new NR1200)


    I've searched, but I haven't found direct comparisons.  Thanks!

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