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  1. anyone know the efficiency of a K-79-k? need it for reference in adding a l-pad
  2. I have these installed in my Cornwall II's. Wondering what others opinion of these are? There is a lot I really like about them, certainly much greater detail than the K-79 that were in there. There is still just something not right. I think they might be too hot and may need to be attenuated? They seem a bit to bright, to fatiguing maybe.. I thought about switching back to the K-79's but the improvement in detail is huge.. Anyone else have to make adjustments to these in a Cornwall?
  3. I am interested in buying the LMAHL v2 for a pair of Cornwall II from 1987. They are all original, does any crossover change need to be made? Do you have a website to order these or eBay? Bill
  4. So, the amp is a Muzishare X7 with Genelex KT88's and 12AU7 phase splitters and vintage telefunken 12AX7 preamp tube. It makes 25W in Triode mode 45W in ultra linear. I have generally used it in triode mode, but have used both. I kinda prefer the sound of the triode mode. I will check the impedance of the speakers when I have a chance. They are in a room with a concrete floor that is quite large. The room itself may play into it.. I have a pair of Linn Majik 140's with a Naim NAP-250 amp that are upstairs in a room with plaster walls and wood floors and they seem to have deeper bass and better bass control, which is to me surprising as they are a much smaller speaker.
  5. I am using a pair of 1987 oiled oak Cornwalls and they are sounding a bit thin. All of the drivers seem to be working correctly, the speakers themselves are mint as can be in terms of being cared for. Any suggestions. Should I replace the tweeter diaphragms or other actions like updating the crossovers? They don’t sound bad, they just don’t have a very full sound which I know they are very capable of.
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