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  1. Yes. These tops are removable. I designed them with hidden screws which are accessed through the back. To get to the woofers (if on rare occasion you need to), you would remove the crossovers and cover panel. The originals screwed in from the top. They were so beat up that I trimmed them 3/4” around and attached solid black walnut trim pieces. I initially was going to screw them down with brass screws but decided I didn’t like the look. These older 1973 cabinets were not accessed from the bottom.
  2. OK...the renovation took much longer than expected. These 1973 cabinets were pretty beaten up. I am currently driving these with an ARC Ref 110 power amp with KT150's. They sound wonderful! I purchased some Sonicaps and will eventually replace the caps in one speaker for an A/B comparison. After some burn-in, if the older caps sound better, I will put the old oil/paper caps back in.
  3. Wow! No replacement caps worries me a bit. I will need to read on before investing a lot in a piano black refinish. Reagan
  4. Thank you for your responses! I am anxious to move into this new arena. I will send pics soon. I understand these older models were accessed from the top (instead of the bottom). The previous owner removed the veneer from one cabinet but has not yet removed the veneer from the second. I don't know if these were originally veneered but on the one with the veneer still in place, it seems to be rippling and coming loose in places. Also the screws that hold down the top ply board are covered completely by the veneer. If I re-veneer of finish in piano black, I would like to leave the screws accessible to remove the top as needed. Will send photos when I can. Thanks again for the support. Reagan
  5. I decided to take a chance and purchased a pair in very rough shape visually but seem to be sonically sound. S/N IL944 and IL947; I believe 1973? These cabinets will require a complete makeover. The previous owner removed the veneer on one cabinet and repaired with bondo. The second cabinet will need the existing veneer removed as it is in pretty bad shape (ripples, cracks, etc...). If this is the original veneer, will a heat gun remove the veneer? I want to take my time and not mess up the opportunity to either re-veneer both cabinets or possibly apply a piano black glossy finish. I am new to these type of speakers and will be doing my homework. Any sources of reading material would be much appreciated. I understand that Crites provides some good x-over upgrades but was sad to hear of Bob's recent passing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Right now I still have my solid state B&K amp which I understand to be overkill for these efficient speakers. Reagan
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