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  1. Well Guys, I replaced the crossovers with the Crites B-2..........wow! The Cornwalls sprang to life! I changed out the blue tooth connector to my old amp and that stopped the issue I was having with the tweeter and squawker loss. I’m a happy Cornwall fan! thanks for all the help!!! Patrick
  2. An update on my dilemma, the squawker and tweeter were blown, and the crossovers were indeed type E. Mr Crites sent me some new B-2 crossovers and is fixing the diaphragm problems. I’ll be back in action soon! Thanks to everyone for helping me out!! Patrick
  3. One of my disappointments with this set is the lack of bass compared to my other set. My next day off will be spent checking this out! Thanks fellas for the insight! This is a wonderful site!
  4. Thanks Craigslist guy. My bargain isn’t. Attached is a pic of the speaker setup. I have a multi meter but unsure how to check the tweeter. Type e crossovers in both speakers. 🤷‍♂️ ‘thanks very much for you help mboxler!
  5. Hello Members! I could use some help please. Got a pair of, I think, 76 cornwalls off Craigslist. Sounded ok at first. I have another pair that really blow these away so I’ve been quite unhappy with them really. Now I have no sound coming from one of the tweeters and very scratchy noise from the same speakers squawker. Crossover is labeled a Type E. I tightened all connections. Some were quite loose but tightening didn’t help. any suggestions? Also. After playing for awhile, the squawks improve drastically but still no sound from the tweeter. Thank you.
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