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  1. Im always happy to help,, I've learned a ton latey about this for my 904s. It has both high pass and low pass. If you look at the barrior strip on the side you should see inputs on the left and a hf output on the right. it's more than likely a bi-amp version. Once you open it up you can see there will be 2 inputs one for hf and one for low, they are probably tied in together for one input similarly to how the heritage or rp/rf biamped versions are without the fancy terminals like they have. If you do use them you just need to make sure you find a way to pad the horn by around 3db. The 904 is designed to be place behind a screen and the hf has a harder time pricing through the screen than the lf so they turn up the horns for commercial theaters. Have fun I've been tinkering with my 904s for a few months and it's been enjoyable! Feel free to message me if you have questions I'm more than happy to help someone to the dark side 😆
  2. I'm using a mini dsp 2x4hd on my kpt 904s. I'm using the active peqs straight from klipsch. The minidsp is a little nosey on the horns so I hand to pad the input to my amp for the horns. You can set the hf output down about -3db on the dsp helping calm down hot the horns r. I'm looking into getting a xilica dsp in the near furniture. You definitely need to run your pre outs to the dsp then to your amp and straight to your horns and your other channel to the bass bins. Correct me if wrong but didnt you just snag a set of 904lf-N out in Pennsylvania? The 904-lf-n has a passive crossover inside the bass bin. You can just run that with a mono amp and use a lapd on the hf to tone down the hf, thags what i did until I was able to get a active crossover set up.
  3. I can't, I just made a profile here and I'm limited on sending message because it tells me I'm allowed to send 0 messages a day 🤷. If you could email me at ande2888@gmail.com that would be awesome!
  4. Good luck dealing with this guy. Talked back and forth with him for a week. Offered to buy all of them and he's pretty much not given a crap. Refused to give me a phone number to talk to someone. He pretty much ignored me for about a week when I made several attempts to set up time and place. You'd think someone offering to buy over 20 speakers would get a little more respect and attention. He doest give 2 craps about selling them.
  5. How do you have it connected? A little more info could help figure out if it's broken or possibly not set up properly.
  6. I would be interested in them 🤔 what kind of price would persuade you?
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