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  1. I have seen risers on Heresy 1's. Is there drawings or templates for these?
  2. will the sys work with the turntable ?
  3. Thanks for all the reply's...... this place is great. I might sell one of my turntables and buy a pre amp.
  4. I have two questions...a little history first. I bought my Heresy 1 in 1985 it was a floor model so I paid $1200. I also bought a carver 500 amp and a couple of technics 1200 mk2's. I used a straight 4 channel mixer (realistic). This had a great sound. I'm wondering if I should get a carver 1400 preamp, would it sound better? Or should I keep what I have (sound is good to me). Also I am wondering what wood is under the black paint. I don't have the serial numbers from the back. Is there any other way to find the. Ok that's three questions.😎
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