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  1. Here is my Solid State Setup. Luxman R-115 Receiver with a whopping 70 per channel, then the Luxman F-114 amp for surround sound, not quite as good but does the job. And the Technics DAC Preamp and Processor, with the Luxman P-102 turntable on top.
  2. Just an update to this topic for @robert_kc and anyone else interested. I used the Oppo BDP-103 analog outputs and used the 103 as a preamp plugged straight into the power amps of the F-114 and the CD input of the R-115. It got progressively worse to the point of unlistenable. Tons of white noise and a consistent hum when listening to anything, and pops and clicks after any sound ceased playing through the Oppo. It Really just got grating after a while. Do not use the 103 as a preamp. So I went back to the more complex R-115 Signal Processor into F-114 Line in, then all of the pre-outs of the 114 into the Technics, and the outputs of the Technics into the Main-Ins on the F-114 and Signal Processor in on the R-115 for proper digital to analog conversion and surround sound decoding. Interestingly, with the addition of a new Klipsch Academy Center Speaker to replace my KV-1, the Technics sounds better than it ever did, and oddly it can decode Apple TVs uncompressed LPCM multichannel output through the oppo (Oppo outputting digital optical audio as bitstream), it is read as DTS on the Technics for some reason. Movie Surround sound right now is pretty good, I would not say QUITE as good as the Oppo analog outputs, but there also isnt all of that white noise either. Definitely more than satisfactory though for now. No SACD or DVD-A quality playback for now, but frankly this feels like more of a fault of the format that they never supporting coaxial or digital optical audio. Absolutely frustrating. Thanks for all of the recommendations for preamps in this thread, I will look for a few models and see what is the cheapest I can find. Really I just need something that can do 1080p, have multichannel input and/or HDMI input, and have analog preouts. Hopefully I'll be able to find something that can replace the Technics and get the job done.
  3. One update to this topic in case anyone is interested in using their BDP-103 as a preamp: First, The white noise is very mild, but it does exist. Hence the comments from Oppo years ago saying dont use this as a preamp. However, oddly it sounds much better as a preamp than my Technics, which when attempting to plug the Oppo into the multichannel in and use the F-114 only as a poweramp, gave a horrible high pitched hum. I'll take the Oppo's white noise over that, even though it May annoy more serious audiophiles than myself. Second, the Oppo oddly has no Dolby Pro Logic or matrix surround processing. I am not sure why they excluded this, as some DVDs still frequently had only Dolby Stereo or Matrixed Surround Sound, like Star Wars Original Trilogy special editions, or Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro. This also means I cannot get surround sound out of my Nintendo Wii, but those sound effects were so few and far between that it is not a huge deal. Overall, if I find a preamp in the future for an extremely reasonable price, I will buy it. But rather than spend another $100+ on my surround sound system, the BDP-103 does a much better job than my 20 year old Technics SH-AC500D, which was really only good for Dolby Digital and DTS. Thanks to everyone's help in this thread!
  4. So I took your advice robert and plugged my Oppo BDP-103 right into my Luxman R-115 CD (and turned on the CD straight so the Oppo goes straight to the amp) and the F-114 main ins, and it sounds awesome! I am so glad I can ditch the Technics now for much better surround sound. Bass coming straight from the Oppo sounds oddly much fuller in movies, and I can now enjoy my 5.1 channel surround sound SACDs. I appreciate your help. Also despite the fact that the 103 cannot officially be used as a preamp, I only hear some very mild white noise with it, nothing bad. Really beats buying a new pre-amp. MC39639, I stumbled across the Luxman F-114 through online searches since I didnt want to ditch my R-115 and wanted to add surround sound to my setup, I think it is a great device since it has the main-ins. I am honestly surprised there are not similar surround sound 3-channel amps out there.
  5. Robert_kc this should clarify some things: The Luxman F-114 does have the ability to accept other signals, but it has Main-Ins instead of the more simple Line-Ins, so the signal must be routed through the pre-outs to a processor, then back into the main ins on the Luxman F-114. Hence why I need a second set of multichannel inputs on any preamp/processor I use to route the sound to both Luxmans. The F-114 does have Dolby Pro Logic processing, which is of course woefully out of date and is for older VHS, Laserdiscs, some DVDs, and some video games. For me there will be three uses for the Dolby Pro Logic processor in the Luxman F-114: The Nintendo Wii which has some games that use it, my Star Wars 2006 Limited Edition DVDs that are the original versions but only have Dolby Pro Logic encoded surround because they are Laserdisc transfers, and some SQ Quadraphonic sound LPs that I own that decode decently through the original Dolby Pro Logic decoders. I initially bought the Luxman F-114 to go with my Luxman R-115 not knowing enough about surround sound formats, but I am lucky that it can be used as a standalone amp. I just wish it had line ins, then I could bypass this entire problem. However since I can use it, I would rather stick with both Luxman's since it is easier and the power of both are great. I am looking for another preamp to replace the Technics SH-AC500D, that would have no place in a new setup. Honestly, if the main options are either a 1080p HDMI Preamp or a multichannel preamp both at the same price, then I will go with the latter since it will give me flexibility. Unfortunately, unlike the Oppo BDP-105, the 103 cannot be used as a preamp by design according to threads I have read elsewhere. Otherwise I would use it for that purpose.
  6. Hi Robert_kc, Thanks for the post. My Luxman R-115 already has a working phono stage input for my Luxman P-102 turntable, so that is not necessary on any AVR. My I do not have a 4K TV. I do not need any kind of HDMI switching or 4k passthrough from my AVR. My TV is a Panasonic VIERA 32" from 2013 that does 240p to 1080p just fine and has sufficient inputs for all of my sources. It has 3 HDMI inputs ARC and digital optical audio output so I can use my old game systems with it alongside my Oppo and it all looks good enough for me. The Oppo BDP-103 is the device I am looking to fully use to deliver 5.1 analog sound from the rest of my devices to my amps. I dont want to use it as a preamp as I know it cannot be used that way, but it works great as a processor for all necessary formats. I have the following devices: Oppo BDP-103 for all disc media and Tidal music playback (Used for DVDs, Blu-Rays, SACD, DVD-A). Nintendo Wii connected via component cables. (Currently I access the sound from this through either the ARC port on the TV to the Oppo or the digital optical audio output from my TV.) A SNES Classic Mini and a NES Classic Mini connected via HDMI, which I also use the Oppo's ARC feature or the digital optical audio out port to the Technics to use. An old Sega Genesis connected to composite RCA. I own an Apple TV 4K for all streaming and television watching, currently connected through the HDMI Input on the Oppo. I use an HDHomeRun to watch television through an antenna. I have no cable hookup or need for one. My subwoofer is an older Klipsch SW-V 8" powered subwoofer with both RCA line in inputs. I would be perfectly fine with an older, 1080p compatible and SACD decoding ability AVR with HDMI compatibility and minimum one analog multichannel input, provided it has analog line level output. But trying to find models for these I am just at a loss as to what to look for search-wise. I was finding impossible to find or expensive stuff like the Marantz AV7702 or the Outlaw Audio 975 and 976 which seems like overkill for my "separates" setup. I will take any and all names in this category, similar to the Integra which was kindly recommended above. Thank you so much.
  7. It is a little bit of a complex setup. The F-114 is both a dolby pro logic processor and a separate amp with main-ins, designed to add surround sound to the R-115. The F-114 has a line in input for the R-115 signal processor and then (normally) uses jumper bars from the pre-out variable RCA jacks to the main in jacks. I was under the impression that you could not use the main in ports on a receiver without also using the pre-out ports that power it. So this is how the setup looks. R-115 Signal Processor out to Line in on F-114 F-114 Front Pre Out (variable) to Multichannel Front L/R input on Technics. F-114 center pre-out (variable) to center in on Technics. F-114 rear pre-out to multichannel input on Technics. Technics rear and center multichannel analog output to F-114 main in ports Technics front multichannel outputs to Signal processor input on R-115. If there is a way I can use the main ins and signal processor ports on my receiver without having to use the pre-out ports, I am all ears, but I thought by doing that I would short or damage my speakers or receivers.
  8. Hello all, I am trying to track down a reasonably priced multichannel preamp to use with my vintage surround sound setup. I am using a Luxman R-115 that I love the sound of and was given to me, along with a Luxman F-114 surround sound amp. These devices have main-ins, so I use it with a separate preamp/processor, the very old Technics SH-AC500D. It does Dolby Digital and DTS, but does not have a second set of multichannel inputs to plug my oppo BDP-103 into, and its multichannel input is taken up by the pre-out RCA cables from both Luxmans. So I am only able to get great stereo analog sound from the Oppo. I don't even need a processor as I use my Oppo BDP-103 to play everything and don't have a 4K TV or 4K UHD player. I don't have space for a 7.1 setup or Atmos speakers in my ceiling, and honestly I find the idea of those setups wasteful. But I do own a few 5.1 multichannel SACDs that I would like to try out, like The Carpenters Singles and Carole King's Tapestry. What are my options for replacing this Technics with? I have tracked down a few old models: Parasound P7 (Though my setup is only 5.1, this is the only 7-ch multichannel preamp I have found) Sony TA-P9000ES McCormick MAP-1 Bel Canto Pre6 Linn Exotik These all are models over ten years old, rarely come up for sale, and cost a significant amount of money used. And honestly, looking at eBay listings I dont really want to spend $1000 for one of these used preamps for a system that overall, speakers, amps subwoofer and Oppo BDP included, I have spent $1400 total on. Are there any other options for some kind of preamp or surround sound processor that would have two sets of multichannel inputs and allow me to get full, uncompressed loseless surround sound audio and SACD 5.1 channel surround sound to my existing amps? I will even take a DAC that can convert HDMI to 5.1 multichannel audio so long as it also has at least one multichannel input. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for this thread. I am using Klipsch KG4s as my mains that I received from a friend and always loved the sound for music, but wanted to add surround sound. Using KG .5s for rears and a KV-1 for center speaker in a more vintage surround sound system. (Luxman R-115 stereo receiver and F-114 surround sound amp, both have main-ins used with Technics SH-AC500D digital surround sound processor) The KV-1 I got for $50 and sounds so woefully inadequate lately it just doesn't fit in with the sound at all. Just picked up a Klipsch Academy on eBay, here's to trusting everyone in this thread that it will sound good with my setup.
  10. Thanks so much for the replies, this is all great information. Here I was thinking I needed to get a vintage subwoofer as well to match the tone of my speakers. Glad to hear that is not the case. Frankly, I'd like to get something I can just plug and go. Don't have a ton of time on my hands right now and just want something to really complete my setup. I am definitely open and agreeable to buying used, as all my current speakers were previously used and they give me a great sound. This has really just come about from having a nice sounding Luxman R-115 stereo and Klipsch KG4 speakers I didnt want to get rid of that were given to me by a friend. I wanted to add surround sound to the setup and ended up with the surround sound amp, speakers, and decoder for about $400 total, all from eBay, which I feel good about considering the price of even newer models that are used of receivers, decoders and speakers. Because of what I have paid, I don't want something particularly expensive subwoofer wise, no more than $200 if possible. Just want this to be my budget audiophile setup for surround sound. If I can say I got a full surround sound setup with speakers for $500, I'll be very happy. Thanks again.
  11. Looking to add a subwoofer to my vintage Klipsch surround setup that I have pieced together over my last few months. Here is what I have. Luxman R-115 reciever and F-114 surround sound amp. Technics SH-AC500D Surround Sound decoder Klipsch KG 4 front speakers. Klipsch KV-1 Center Speaker Klipsch KG .5 rear surround speakers. Can anyone recommend a vintage Klipsch subwoofer that would tonally match my current setup? I was looking at a Klipsch SV-W online. Also, does my center speaker properly match my fronts? It overall sounds good but I always like hearing other opinions. Thank you.
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