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  1. The YouTube TV It's on The Nvidia shield.
  2. Am buying and returning the ones I don't want.
  3. Yes but am going with bookshelfs instead of towes.
  4. My receiver denon x 2700h, and yes I can make it surround but I just wanted the center or center with front R and L only.
  5. This is YouTube TV wich is different than youtube.
  6. No the 504c is not in the budget. I wish.
  7. Hello everyone, ok I was wondering why when am watching TV through YouTube TV steaming service my center channel is not use and I would like to know how to use my center with L and R when watching TV. For movies on Netflix everything works fine.
  8. Ok. Now I know this is a klipsch forum but how about the svs prime vs klipsch 450c? Trying to decide on the center first.
  9. Hello everyone, looking to upgrade. Which of these 2 would be better, Klipsch RW34c or Klipsch RP450c. The guy at best buy was telling me that the 34c is better because is the newer model, but I don't belive most of those people working there, they don't seem to have much knowledge. Some do but not many. Anyways what you guys think, the price is the same for either one. Thanks
  10. It sounds good but I feel like it's missing something, or maybe just add some sound density like dynamat on the inside of the speaker box.
  11. Hello everyone, am new here. I have a question regarding the R51m and R14m speakers. I was wondering if I should upgrade the crossover or maybe parts of the crossover to make them sound even better. Now I have the Sony avr770 right now but am waiting on my new Denon X 2700h receiver, and was also wondering if this new receiver will make a difference in sound. Thanks.
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