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  1. So much great info. I really appreciate all the replies. I'll definitely keep you posted when I get them. Best forum ever!
  2. Wow, thanks everyone for answers and the welcome. Guess I'm getting La Scalas!
  3. What is the minimum room size you need for La Scalas? In the manual I see it suggests 13' - 17' between the speakers. In my family room (my only option), I can put the speakers into an alcove about 11.5' wide (which has corners) and I'd be about 15' - 17' from the back wall of the alcove. Looking through the forum, there's been a variety of opinions for rooms about this size, some people saying too small and try Heresies or Fortes, and other people saying it would work. I can't say I've found any definitive answer yet in the forum or any specific criteria like "room this small would make the sound less than ideal for these reasons" or a "room this small would work for these reasons." If you think it would be a bad idea, what exactly would a room this size do to the sound? Or have you had personal experience with La Scalas in the room this size where it was great? Thanks in advance for any insight you can share!
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