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  1. Hey thanks... I was actually leaning towards putting them behind the listening position but like you said, trying to balance life (we play a lot of darts and not everyone we play with can hit just the board ). I’m good aft fabricating so I didn’t think it was a big deal. And you are right. The ceiling speakers are in the wrong position.. I had seen one layout that said to have them at a 45 degree from the ceiling to the listening position but multiple after that showed what you showed. So I move my reference marks to accommodate the 80 degrees. I think I’m cautious since I’ll be fishing lines and cutting holes and want it to be accurate or at least as accurate as I possibly can with what I’m working with. Of course I could just connect them and run temporary wires across the floors to verify my layout before I fish them (me thinking out loud). Well I appreciate the time you took. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks. I appreciate that. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Hey everyone, so I’ve had a 250.00 pioneer surround sound system for 20 years now and I’m looking at finally getting my upgrade. I’ve been trying to get as much info as I can but honestly it is daunting with all the info. So where I’m at right now is I’ve heard if I can put Atmos speakers in the ceiling, that’s better than up firing ones (which I can do) and I’d like to go with a 7.1.2 (can’t afford a receiver fro 7.1.4). I’m looking at the Yahama RX V6A with the R 820Fs, and R34C with the R120 SW (eventually plan on getting a second). I was originally going to go with the R51 surrounds but one will be in a walkway so I was thinking about switching to R41SAs for the surrounds and rears. Since they’re only 4” woofers I’m thinking about upgrading them to the RP500SAs and leaning towards the Pro 16RCs for the ceilings (didn’t think I needed 8” speakers for Atmos). This is our living room and the furniture is really in the only spots we can put them. I originally had the loveseat at the back wall but moved it out because of the eventual rear speakers. The height of the surrounds and rears will be adjusted when I can actually see the angle of the speaker face. I’m planning on lowering them as far as I can where the RS isn’t in the way of the walkway. The LS is right at a window so I’m going to make a mount that hangs down from the ceiling (in front of the window) at the correct height. The rear surrounds should be farther apart but I’ll get them as far as possible. Also have to have them high enough so the couch doesn’t block the sound. This is where I’m at right now and would appreciate any advice. The room dimensions are 18’x12’x8’. The seats are 4’ from the back wall (can’t move them closer due to the other couch).
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