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  1. Klipsch has some product marketing photography that features some furniture I'm curious about. Tried identifying it with Google Images reverse lookup. Nothing. Emailed Klipsch, no response. ? ? ?
  2. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post but I'll give it a shot. Trying to get a Cinema 400 Sound Bar to pair with the woofer and get audio from the woofer. Followed the printed instructions. Currently have audio from the sound bar but nothing from the woofer. Opened a ticket with Klipsch tech weeks ago but get no response. Tried calling. Tried email. Sound bar has a red light. Printed instructions don't have a legend for the light. Toggle through sources and get blue, green, both with no audio. Replaced HDMI w ARC labeled cable. Tried just optical. Nothing. Reset per printed instructions and repair. Nothing. Can anyone direct me to a knowledgable source or experienced this themselves? I like the build quality on the product. I like the industrial design. Just very frustrating trying to get a solution. Thanks in advance.
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