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  1. Your are correct, very blessed to have them. I am audio virgin but I can say I am hooked. Can also tell you they are loud and all the different music types sound great.
  2. ALL: I just inherited a pair of 1981 Cornwall's matching set, one owner and in great condition. It has the old style speaker wire hook ups in the back, can that be changed to a Banana style plug in? Is there anything else I need to do to the inside as far as having anything up-dated? I am new to this so be kind.
  3. Anyway I can get new grill covers for a pair of 1981 cornwalls ?
  4. No telling why they were dirty as I acquired them from the original owner who passed away. I do know they were bought brand new and owned by one person.
  5. I just received a matching set of Cornwalls. 28w177 and 176. Stamped USA Need info on year? Also any suggestions on cleaning the actual speaker part/woofer? They are very dirty and I blew them off with the compressor, but still need some work.
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