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    That is strange to me too. So I tried another receiver- a marantz- still didn’t get sound from the two horns. I’m not sure what happened and don’t remember the particular instance. I just realized it when I tried to play music on the weekend. Like I said earlier the horns work when I tried them individually. Could it be the crossover board? I’m not even sure of the name. lol. Thanks for the concern.
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    I did take them out and tested both horns with another speaker and they worked just fine so now I’m wondering what’s going on. Tested the speaker with another AV receiver so I know it’s not the receiver.
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    I have a pair of R-28F’s which has served me well. Suddenly I don’t get any sound from both horns. I tried speakers on a different receiver and same thing happened. Tested both horns individually and they work just fine. I’m beating myself up. Please help me solve this.
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