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  1. Hi all, I am new to this community, but have browsed past conversations as a non-member for some time now. I decided to join because I am looking for recommendations for a preamp and 2-channel power amp to pair to my Bellés as I am looking to upgrade from my current setup. This is for a vinyl dedicated system and as of right now, I am using a Music Hall mmf-9.3 turntable with the Goldring Eroica LX low output MC cartridge running to a Music Hall pa2.2 preamp and a Marantz 4230 stereophonic 2 + quadradial 4 reciever. I am back and forth on staying with Marantz or changing to a full Mcintosh setup. As of right now I am looking at the Mcintosh MP100 preamp and MC 152 power amp (I am leaning towards solid state but not totally against vaccum tube). If I stay with Marantz, I think I would keep my preamp and upgrade to a 2285. I am also not opposed to recommendations outside of Mcintosh or Marantz, those are just my personal favorites and what I am most familiar with. I have a 90's era pair of Bellés with the original AB crossover and all original components in excellent condition; I don't intend on changing anything with the speakers themselves. My budget is under $10,000 for both the preamp and power amp. Thank you all in advance for the insight.
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