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  1. Bill. $600.00 for a pair yes. not a Single speaker. Are you joking ? so your saying you will buy a pair of 75’s for $1250-1300
  2. Well don’t see it selling for $600 since it has been opened up, cross over worked on. Etc
  3. And if you zoom in on the front panel, every torques screw is kinda rounded a little. it seem it has been taken apart
  4. For sale, a hypothetical Heresy Prototype, with all documentation and provenance. Brazilian Rosewood. $600.00 [Note: This thread was actually created by the Moderator: but it puts posts in chronological order, and so it is starting with this one by another poster. All of the the posts, including this one, were moved from a recent Garage Sale Item Listing. What flows is the actual progression of a real listing. You will see comments about the item (starting with this post) the condition, the price. There was also some valiant attempts to self moderate some of the comments. Unfortunately, it cause the OP's listing to come off the rails. There seemed to be a learning opportunity here, along with some very, very good comments, so I am moving them to this thread so the comments are not lost, and the OPs of the listed items can have his listing back, free of the clutter of trying to get some posters in line with what you expect in here. Feel free to point out what you think are inappropriate comments, or what is perfectly fair game (I have tried to preserve them order and flow of the comments), and why so that others will know what is expected or acceptable in here. To me, there appears to be some confusion as what might be perfectly acceptable in the Alerts subsection, is not acceptable or appropriate in the Garage Sale Section There were 3 or 4 posts of typical GLWS, and then this post which appears immediately below.] The crossover is UPSIDE DOWN !!! without jumpers !
  5. [Edit: Well seems like DCCal has been on a streak, wasn't aware of this. People in here are pretty much against price police. They believe in the free market, etc. ust saying 😁]
  6. This is the same photos, same serial, as a post on US AUDIO MART Here it is Hmmmmm now asking $650.00 plus shipping cost ! https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649506822-klipsch-rc7-center-channel-speaker-in-black/ FOR SALE: Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel Speaker In Black SOLD Report Asking Price: USD $520.00 Shipping weight: 50.00 (lbs) Calculate Shipping Shipping Dimension: 30.00in x 18.00in x 13.00in Condition: 9 - Excellent Date Posted: Jun 24, 20 6:35am Edited: Sep 01, 20 4:10pm
  7. It’s a carrier that only traveling east coast to west coast. I have used them many times. It’s hand picked up, and hand delivered. So there is no packing and shipping. Transported in a van.
  8. I do have a carrier service that I use and trust for shipping. And they will be hand delivered door to door. I can get them for you. And hold for shipping.
  9. Close to me and 4-5 hours away. anyone need help getting them. PM ME these are not mine. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/mesa-klipsch-la-scala-iis/7381854963.html
  10. Pair of Black RB-75 for sale in South Ca $1,000 in the boxes with packing material
  11. Amp repair is a flat rate $265.00 they do a amazing job. PM sent
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