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  1. Sometimes, most of my gear is family owned. My father is a huge audiophile and so am I. most of my other items are friends that need stuff sold. And want to stay private. pretty much everyone buys and sells these days.
  2. Keeping your items well maintained and cleaned is key to the function of them. yes the Onkyo was yearly serviced locally along with some other items I own.
  3. I have many great pieces for sale, I don’t sweat the hassles. People have there own opinions. And always want to low ball you. But no worries. A real buyer will come around.
  4. Link to photos and number https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/irvine-olive-musica/7358285868.html
  5. Up for sale is a Olive Musica has WiFi and land connections with a 160GB hard drive. It has not been reset, has over 3,600 songs on it. For the new buyer. location Irvine Ca 92620 $340.00 shipping $20.00 SOLD !
  6. Hello everyone : the Onkyo A-10 sold today $500 cash local pickup. it was serviced every year for maintenance, cleaning. it’s gone to a new home !
  7. Up for sale Onkyo A-10 Integrated Amplifier Silver color $500.00 will ship to 48 states located Irvine Ca 92620 It has been serviced every year for the last 20 years. Perfect mint condition.
  8. DCaIrvine


    Found 😁
  9. 2” inch diaphragm yes compression.
  10. I have CF-2 parts for sale both horns, cross overs, spikes, grills
  11. DCaIrvine

    All posted on eBay with photos.
  12. DCaIrvine

    I have a pair of Klipsch CF-2 I’m parting out. All listed on eBay thanks for looking
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