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  1. Need some help I bought jbl-sda2200 I have cornwall iv forte iv and klipsch rf-7111 I was able to run all 6 speakers Bridge but not for long after 30 minutes the amp goes off switch to 4 speakers same thing but took longer . Decided to just play 2 speakers so far ok but should I change the amp for parasound A51 any advise
  2. This topic is probabably been ask before but cant find it.I have cornwall iv and forte iv,im thinking on buying Rotel RB -1590 but also JBL sda-2200 some one tolds me that i should buy the jbl beacause if i bridge the apeakers i will get 790 watts of power instead of the 350 watts from rotel,need help with this one on which one i should get thks
  3. Hi,I have klipsch rf-7111,cornwall iv and forte iv,Can a 5 channels amp run all 6 speakers right now i have marantz 1250 running cornwall iv and rf-7111 but im looking for something more powerfull and be able to run all 6 speakers at the same time. thks for the advise
  4. Maybe in another route but recently i bought Rotel ra-1592 i pair with cornwall iv and klipsch rf-7111 and i return it back it was a disaster the way it sounds had to increase the volume to 65 no bass no treble that waht i wasnt expecting for $3000,now should yamaha a-s1200 be the king for this speakers/The rotel was mo match at all any advice thks
  5. Ok i have cornwall iv and forte iv what integrated amp will run those speakers with ease not tube but integrated amp.any advise will help me to find the right amp thks
  6. I am waiting to received then.I will run then with a vintage Marantz 1250 integrated amp,hopefully they sound good 125 watts X2.I dont like tube amp.Why a 20 wattts tube amp will run this speakers better than a125 watts dont think so
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