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  1. Totally knew to VRD's and love to know more. Little bit I can find, they look awesome and appreciate hearing the dirt on them if you can share or point me in the direction so I might find.
  2. Do square magnets make them K-77"M" tweeters?
  3. Do square magnets make them the K-77"M"?
  4. Just what I was looking for! Thank you!
  5. Wow! Thank you! Is it the "S" that determines the year? I have a matching pair of Heresy's stamped "MS" (I presume the builder initials?) & 31P023 & 4. Can I interpret that to mean they were built in 1975?
  6. New here and looking for information on how the age of Cornwalls are determined. I just picked up a matching pair and told they were built in 1985. Any information on these is appreciated, thank you! Upper left rear corner: OD/DA C-BR 18S608 & 9
  7. Recap YMMV? Wires - good + new Upside Woofers? news to me.... Gaskets - one I do have on the list Thank you! Awesome site! Snowing nicely now, sharing a nice bourbon to some BS&T, horns coming thru real nice!
  8. I was fortunate to visit the Electovoice test room in my twenties! All walls and ceiling were covered solid in side by side, long, conical foam forms, all pointing toward the center of the room. The lights were turned off and everyone was told to hold their breath and be silent. It was astonishing clear, hearing your very own heart beat. You could not only hear it but then you felt it!!! You only heard your own and not others. Not loud but loud enough. Similar feeling is listening to a good speaker, volume up, where you can feel the pulse in your chest! Loved every minute!!
  9. OK, here we go! The speakers are home and hooked up. The exterior is not bad! Most all damage is to the base and not the cabinet. The finish is high gloss and not applied with care but this doesn't concern me as I prefer a satin finish, planning to do this summer. I like a lighter color stain but the wife likes the darker walnut.... But inside is more concerning. As my luck would have it, I immediately identified a dead tweeter !!! I am certain it worked yesterday - fortunately, I have a spare pair of original K-77's and crossovers from last years Criter upgrade to my Heresy's. (This upgrade was the reason I went for the CW's as there was a negligible improvement). I've now swapped tweeters and the sound is improved but I'm not quite as impressed as I was yesterday..... Maybe it's the room. I'm sure that weighs heavily as I have hardwood floors, lots of windows and tall ceilings. The listening room yesterday was a finished basement with carpeted floors and a lower, maybe tile ceiling. Way smaller room for sure. Anyways, since I have the cabinet backs removed, I grabbed the multimeter to ohm test the speaker resistance but my luck struck again and the meter 9 volt battery spewed it's sauce and destroyed the multimeter! While I wait for a meter replacement, can anyone tell me the speaker ohm specs and the age of these speakers. In the brief time I've been a member here, I've seen this information but for the life of me, I can't re locate any of it today! Model C-BR Serial 18S608 & 9 I've got multiple pictures to share but need to figure how to downsize picture files hopefully soon!
  10. Long, long day. So, I woke up to a fresh fall of snow this morning and rushed to clear 7" snow before making the hour trip north. When finally there and inspected thoroughly, I found them, other than a small cigarette burn topside on one of the speakers (and stained dark walnut with gloss finish), in near perfect condition! I forgot to take any pictures and negotiated down to $1500.00, put down a deposit and weather permitting, will be picking them up tomorrow morning. Of course, they sound wonderful! The owner had them wired, sitting next to a set of way newer III Forte's and though the Forte's sounded Very Nice, the CW's really stole the show. Even my wife (loved size of the forte's) bowed to superior CW's! I'm not expecting much sleep tonight as anxious as I am to get these puppies home! Thank you for your input! I hope to have pictures to share with you tomorrow! Cheers!
  11. Thanks all in advance. I'm a Klipsch owner with a pair of Heresy's I've had since 1976ish. I'm finally looking to upgrade and a pair of Cornwalls, circa 1985 caught my attention. The asking price is $1600.00 which I thought way to high but checking further, I'm seeing similar prices on eBay. I've made arrangements to see/hear them in person tomorrow and I'm betting they are in excellent condition. That said, is $1600.00 a realistic price to be asking these days?
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