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  1. I used to do a lot of gun photography for gun reviews and blogs...
  2. Here is some info on my favorite...the La Scala Industrial! lascala-ind.pdf
  3. Seems pretty good now...I was getting a lot of hang time yesterday morning.
  4. I am not a pro designer by any means, but here is my price list for reference...I charge by the project...not by the hour. Logo design is $100 and up so your offer should be solid depending on how complex the design is... https://webfinitydesign.com/graphics/
  5. Thanks guys! I actually did try google but I was in images looking for the same model I had...that is where I noticed so much variation in models. Like I also have some SF1 towers that keep changing to SF2's or Synergy, etc...had a hard time finding my exact models! But I will poke around the website!
  6. Sounds like a plan!! I can't remember now, but I am willing to bet that the 4 full range speakers in the old club were Klipsch also. They were flown on the trusses in each of the 4 corners. They would be a little harder to get, LOL!
  7. I love this!! I certainly hope your neighbors, 3 blocks down, enjoy whatever you are listening to, LOL!!
  8. I wish...they belonged to the club, not me. But I would like to buy them!
  9. Is there any place to look up specs and info on older, discontinued Klipsch products? Someplace that shows model numbers and stuff? For example, I have an IV RC52 center channel with copper woofers and a magnetic grille. But I can't find much info on the exact model?
  10. Anyone know where I can get a replacement port tube for an old SF1 tower? I picked up a set but 1 is missing he tube in the back. Not sure if it will make them sound any different or not, I haven't had time to test them out yet!
  11. The club is still around...but shuttered up! I should pay a visit and see if I can buy them! Not sure where I would put them but they would be awesome to own!
  12. Yes...they had to be 15's. We ordered them from Nouveau Sound and Lighting in NY.
  13. No, the ones I worked on looked exactly like the pics above! They were Klipsch!
  14. They might have been 15's...my memory may be failing me! That sure looks like them!! They were painted black. We had them as singles placed side by side under the dance stage. I am still trying to find pics but there is not much photo records from the early 90's...before every cell phone had a camera. But yes! I think that is them...I remember taking each screw out to access the woofer!
  15. I used to be a DJ back in the early 90's...I helped redesign a nite club in Latrobe, PA that had 2 giant wooden W bass boxes under a dance stage. They were kind of like big, flat La Scala's!! We were surprised to see Klipsch 18" woofers behind the access panels when we opened them up. So we sourced out new Klipsch woofers to replace them. Those 2 W boxes rocked hard for many years after the redesign. I was just curious to see if Klipsch actually made these things or if they were DIY with Klipsch woofers? I wish I could track them down today as they were definitely performers!
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