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  1. Anyone collect 12" singles? I actually prefer them because I usually don't listen to all the songs on an album! (Plus they remind me of the good ole days when I was tearing up the wheels of steel as a mobile and club DJ!
  2. I'm confused by the whole DAC thing...do I need a DAC? I like to stream from the internet to my vintage stereo and I use an iPad Pro or an Alexa Echo Dot device. Ethier one seems to do a really good job and I suppose they are in theory the same as having a DAC but would a $179 DAC be better? What about a $1000 DAC? I'm a little foggy on why I might "need" a DAC?
  3. I love vintage audio...honestly, I can't imaging playing a beautiful set of Klipsch heritage speakers on anything else other than a vintage rig! It is meant to be!
  4. I received 2 emails announcing replies to threads that haven't had replies since march 9th, LOL! Must have been backed up a little!
  5. Hey guys! I'm just starting to tune into this thread! I used to be a DJ through most of the 90's so I had a pretty extensive collection of vinyl but most of it was 12" singles and 45's. I used to buy direct from Galaxy Records in Pittsburgh! Well, my DJ business disbanded after my partners and I started getting married and moving away so we split all the gear and music up between us! I ended up with most of the gear, including 4 or 5 Technics 1200 turntables that I wish I had just one of today, but the music all went to one of my partners. Fast forward to today, I am just starting to get back into vinyl but I literally have like 12 records! I guess my plan is to slowly buy my favorite albums and/or singles until I have a cool collection again...or die. Which ever comes first, LOL! Thanks for reading...I think I will spin a little AC/DC Back in Black when I get home tonight!
  6. Indeed. I'm hoping for a lose connection but there are a few SF-1 crossovers for sale that I have so far resisted pulling the trigger on buying! I'll know more over the weekend for sure! Just haven't had time to tear into it!
  7. Yeah, I was a vinyl DJ...we called the computer DJ's "Mr. Microphone Outfits!" LOL! I had 2 partners and we kinda split the gear and music when we started getting adult lives and grew apart. Our music collection was sold off as were all of the audio gear, lighting and even the van! I guess I can be a casual media guy! Just buying a few albums here, a few cassettes there...but streaming is the way! No doubt! I just don't want to have all this gear and not have any media to play in it, LOL! Gotta have at least a small collection!
  8. @billybobThere are only 1 set of binding terminals on these speakers.
  9. I hooked up an amp last night and sound only comes out of the tweeter! The 6.5" woofer is completely silent and no vibrations at all...does this sound like a bad woofer or a bad crossover? I still have to pop them open and do some more testing but I would think a blown woofer would still vibrate and make some noise?
  10. Yes, I have been slowly building a vintage hifi system...there is just something about that old silver faced audio gear, I love looking at it, listening to it and to an extent, it's the thrill of the chase trying to source and buy it (for a good deal, of course!) But music is different...I do stream 90% of what I listen to but I like the nostalgia of queuing up a record or the feel of popping a cassette into a deck! It's so hard and expensive to find these old formats today! Plus, when I walk into a record store, it is impossible for an indecisive chap like myself to pick out a few titles, LOL! A million titles out there and I can't think of one song I really want to purchase, HAHA! I almost like buying blind lots of music just to see what I get!
  11. I am new to the vintage audio world even though I used to live it in the late 80's and 90's! I was a DJ for almost 15 years and I used to have a van full of records, CD's and even cassettes! As life moved on, partners moved away and equipment and music got sold off...fast forward to now, I am back into music but I literally have zero media! I have been searching ebay, Discogs and even bought a few new albums at Walmart but damn! I can't afford to make all these people and place rich with some of the prices they are asking for vinyl, CD's and cassettes! So my question for you guys is where are you having good luck finding vintage audio software, LOL? Do you try to buy huge lots? Do you just buy your favorite titles/artists a few at a time? It's way different for me this time around...I used to go to Galaxy Records in Pittsburgh and buy a milk crate full of vinyl and CD's usually twice a month! New, unheard cuts, new artists old staples...you name it! Now the place is gone and I don't have the DJ income to afford them anyway so, yeah...mainly just looking for ideas and inspiration for my new journey into the always entertaining world of music!
  12. My Son just got a 2023 Yamaha MT-09 SP Hyper Naked Bike just before winter...he got to ride it a few times on warm days but he has been modding it in the garage! He added tank gripper panels, new exhaust, new handlebar levers, and a new LED rear tail light and plate relocation kit. He is an experienced rider, but I still wish he would find another hobby!! Like audio maybe, LOL! Here are a couple pics before the mods...(last pic is catalog shot from Yamaha)
  13. I just started building a new 2 channel system with an old Sony STR-K750P Receiver that I found in my man cave closet! I am going to pair it with the Klipsch SF-1's that I am currently working on. It will give me a reason to start dragging home all those nice black plastic components that I have been overlooking!
  14. Those are just fun little RGB LED sound activated spectrum analyzer lights that I glued to a piece of 4"x4" as an attempt at audio-art! They are wireless and not hooked to the system in any way. Got them off Amazon for $15! Here is the link if you wanna check them out! https://a.co/d/93ASOdM
  15. 69's and 70's are my 2nd favorite! I have a 71 Mach 1 in grabber yellow - 302 V8
  16. I have a set of older SF-1 Klipsch floor speakers...looks like bass reflex port on the rear, 1-6.5" woofer and a 1" horn tweeter. One speaker plays nicely, but the other one buzzes, clicks and the only music sounds high pitched from the tweeter. I'm not sure if it is a bad woofer or maybe a crossover? I also know that they probably aren't worth much so I don't want to sink a ton of money into them. But, if feasible, I'd like to fix them up and use as a garage system with a Sony 2 chan receiver that I have or maybe just sell them paired with the Sony. My question is, where can I find info on what speaker and crossover parts I might need and where to buy? I found an old SF-1 owners manual online that calls for K-1075-SB 6.5" woofers, but all I see on eBay is K-1078's. Are they the same? Would there be a noticeable difference between the two speaker sounds? Could/should I replace both woofers with copper speakers? This is a side project so nothing pressing! Any help or info would be appreciated!
  17. I have been drooling over Hersey's! They seem to be a good fit for my room...it is an 8 ft wide and maybe 14 foot long home office/den with solid brick walls on one side! I can't even turn the CV's up past 1/4 on the Kenwood's volume knob...it is loud, bright and heavy at the bottom! How do Hersey's like small amps? Would 45 wpc be good or would an additional power amp be needed to make them sing?
  18. Hi guys! I just wanted to share my vintage system but I do apologize for not having any Klipsch speakers for it ...yet! I am holding out for a nice set of KG4.2's or 5.2's but I just can't afford the prices yet. I did pick up a set of Cerwin Vega AT-12's for a damn good price for now! I can at least enjoy my vintage gear while I save up for some nice Klipsch speakers! The CV's aren't bad though...they are extremely efficient and easily bring the house down with just 45 wpc from the Kenwood receiver! I do need to confirm that a set of KG's would be as efficient...if not, I'll just have to add a power amp to the mix! But anyway, here are some photos and a quick video! Specs are in my sig... Big Rick the Black Cat Approves!
  19. Tapatalk was a nice plugin and was maybe a little easier to use but with the new forum responsive layout, Tapatalk is basically obsoleted! Tapatalk was also always considered a third party security risk with access to a lot of secure forum data, so in the long run, the site is more secure without Tapatalk! Sorry to chime in, but I run a large Invision forum myself, so I know a thing or two, LOL! (Not audio related...it is a Mack Truck support forum!)
  20. I don't think you can combine accounts...you'll probably have to chose one or the other. The email login change is directly from the software...they depreciated the username login method because it can pose a security risk.
  21. I strayed off from the pack and bought a set of vintage Cerwin Vega's for a good price! AT-12's handle 5-200 watts and are efficient as hell! I hooked them up to my Kenwood KR6400 45 watt receiver and man it makes the Vega's slam! I think I will restore them someday...someone refoamed the cones and think it was Ray Charles! They got glue all over the edge of the cone. The sound good though, so I'll run them until I have the extra funds to get them reconed and recapped! Of course, the day after I bought these CV's, a set of nice KG4.2's popped up on Facebook Marketplace for $300! Chump change, I know but the budget is tight right now, I just couldn't swing it. Still hurts to think about it...but I am holding out for KG5.2's someday!
  22. I like the GE UltraPRO line of surge protectors...They seem to be pretty robust and they come with blue LED lights that makes it a shame to hide them! I have both of mine on top of the stands instead of hiding them in dust kitten hell! LOL! https://www.amazon.com/GE-Protector-Extra-Long-Warranty-11824/dp/B00OQIKERG/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_i=B00OQIKERG&th=1 I have a smaller one on my vintage rig too: https://www.amazon.com/GE-Protector-Extra-Long-Warranty-37870/dp/B079RV5TYY/ref=sr_1_23?crid=VJ2FI2BG3QB3&keywords=ge+ultrapro+surge+protector&qid=1660583859&sprefix=GE+ULTRAPRO%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-23
  23. I wont even ask about shipping to PA...shipping costs are through the roof and nothing is showing up in 1 piece! It's like they have a contest to see who can bust the most packages! That is a good deal though! 🤔
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