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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know the power requirement for the tweeters on Klipsch 6000F floor speakers? The tweeter model number is: 1066502. Thank you1
  2. Is it easier to blow a speaker when using an optical cable?
  3. I'm running a lot of power through my Klipsch 6000Fs and want to protect the tweeters from possibly blowing. What type of inline fuse should I use on the speaker wire? Thanks!
  4. How do I remove the front panel on my Klipsch 6000F speakers to change the tweeters?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to bi amp my Klipsch 6000F speakers and am having a great deal of trouble. Right now I'm running twin Marantz MM7025 amplifiers and the speakers are not responding. Are two of these amps too much? I notice that, in a Klipsch article by Dave Gans, it is recommended that a 150 watt amp be used for low range and a 50 watt amp be used for the high range. I'm thinking about pairing a Dayton Audio HTA100BT 50 watt 2-channel tube amp with only one of the Marantz MM7025s. Will this be a suitable amp combo for bi amping the 6000F? Thank you.
  6. Another question guys. Does anyone know how to get the recommended external active crossover frequency settings for Klipsch 6000F? All I have is the overall range. Thanks.
  7. Super, thanks. I think I get it. You hit the switch on the triggered outlet strip to fire up the Rotel and then just use the CD player remote to control your source. Right?
  8. Thanks Khornukopia, Another question which I'm sure is elementary for you. I have a Marantz CD6007 connected to a Rotel RC-1590 preamp, connected to a dba DriverRack PA2 LMS, connected to twin Marantz MM7025 amps, bi amped to a pair of Klipsch 6000F speakers and a Klipsch R-SW subwoofer. HOW DO I TURN EVERYTHING ON WITH JUST ONE BUTTON? Thanks!
  9. Noted with thanks. I have the DriveRack coming in tomorrow. I'll give it a spin. I'm sure it's going to be money. If it doesn't I'll check out the Xilica. Thanks again for your help. I'm going to check out your system.
  10. OK, so, this is great info, thanks. I think the bottom line here is that the Xilica offers the user the ability to tweek and tweek the sound. The DriveRack is offers some control but not to the extent of the Xilica, right? Thanks Chris!
  11. Hi Chris, OK, great. I figured it was something like that. You mentioned something about not knowing a better crossover. Were you referring to the crossover function of the dba DriverRack PA2 or the Xilica XP-2040? This Xilica unit obviously gives the opertator TONS of control over the sound but, for my needs, I'd just as soon have a crossover that has assigned outputs, like the DriverRack. These things considered, do I just stay with the DriverRack or do I go for the Xilica? Thanks, I appreciate your help. Brett
  12. Chris, I had a look at the Xilica XP-2040 which has the XLR connections. It looks great and if it's better for home audio, that's the one I want. Possibly dumb question here: on the 2040, I notice that there are plenty of inputs and outputs but how do you determine with handle the highs and which handle the lows? I don't think I saw any designations on the back panel for highs and lows. Please advise, if you would. Thank you.
  13. Chris, I just bought a dba DriverRack PA2. So, you are saying that that is not a good unit to use for active crossover?
  14. Guys, What type of crossover do I need for this application. The one I have now doesn't seem to have enough inputs and outputs. Thanks!
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