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  1. I’m hoping to have the Cornwalls for a long time! Can’t keep buying speakers every few years like I’ve been doing. It’s getting expensive.
  2. That’s pretty funny! I actually owned the original RF-7’s. Love the RF-7iii’s. A totally different sound from the originals. The highs are super smooth and bass is tight. The originals were a tad harsh and boomy. I’ve only had the Cornwalls for a few days. The soundstage is amazing, however I’m finding the bass a tad muddy from time to time. I’m hoping they just need some break in. Do I dare say at the moment the 7iii’s sound better? Lol
  3. Like new RF-7iii’s. Cherry wood finish. Very low hours. Purchased new about 1 year from Crutchfield. I have the original boxes. Amazing vocal detail and bass. I used them for 2 channel listening with a tube integrated amp. I paid just over $3,800 for these. Asking $2,500. Cash only. Serious inquiries only. I’m located about 30 minutes outside of Boston, MA. Cell 617-850-5377
  4. Hi guys, Selling a mint condition, modified MC30L tube integrated, 2-channel amplifier. About a year old. Very light use. I replaced all 8 preamp tubes with GE 5654’s and all 4 driver tubes with matched quad Russian Tung Sol, EL-34’s. Including a Signal Cable power cord. It was driving my Klipsch RF7iii’s, and sounded amazing but I just bought a Primaluna EVO 400. Asking $800. I’ll deliver within 50 miles of Boston, MA.
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