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  1. Please post any reasonable tube upgrades that made a big difference! bob
  2. Pretty impressed so far. Only have some M&K 750 4 ohm speakers at home and trying different 12ax7 tubes.
  3. The 12ax7 is a Mullard too? Which affects the tone the most the 12ax7 or the EL84? bob
  4. Loss of sound quality sounds like more audio voo doo talk bob
  5. Do I need to break it in first? with or without a load? thx
  6. Is this little guy a true single end amp? EL84 is a pentode so it can't be a SET right? (still learning) bob
  7. Thanks, What is a Long plate? Is that the preamp tube? bob
  8. I I bought this by mistake, just thought I was checking shipping charges. Might be fun with the La Scalas to get my feet wet. Great reviews, no tax, free shipping and 12ax7 based. https://www.tubedepot.com/products/tubecube-7-stereo-vacuum-tube-amplifier?fbclid=IwAR0mPJNJoLq34t42WXhnb30SR2BgrB4Q0be03-zRN7Vu-pvlekDJ2x3e3SY Looking for upgrade ideas, opinions, etc? thx bob
  9. Is there a socket adapter that does not require rewiring/jumping? thx bob
  10. Hi Guys, I have a pair of original 1978 La Scalas that sound glorious to me. I've been told that the xover caps must be "bad" after all these years. Am I missing something by not updating the xover or at least the caps? Appreciate any advice! thx bob
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