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  1. Onkyo M504 & P304 set $1400 Nakamichi RX505 $1200 Sansui EQ SE8X $300 Onkyo EQ EQ35 $275 Onkyo Grand Integra P308 $700 Let me know what you are in need of please. I can't type in all of them now... Thanks
  2. Hello all, I am selling Onkyo, Nakamichi, Sansui Vintage Audio components. Power Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers, Tape Decks, Equalizers. Please let me know if anyone is interested and is local enough to me. I can also safely ship certain items if needed. They have enjoyed over time and all are in great working order. Thanks, Much appreciated.
  3. A taller ceiling height in a basement is preferred now days. Especially if there is natural light (regular size windows) down there. I regret my basement having low ceilings due to sunken family room. Good Luck!
  4. The Onkyo items for sale is for real. Hi, sorry I am new to the forum. Not sure if we can post email address here? If so, Please send me your email and I can reply back. I am downsizing my collection. Look up CL DC site for Nakamichi items. You can reach me from there. I have a Power Amp. and several other items listed. Thanks
  5. I have a Onkyo Integra M-504 and the matching P-304 for sale in the DC area if interested. They are too heavy and precious to ship I think? See if you can reach me if you still are in need of a set. Jay
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