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  1. Emotiva BasX A-300. No gain/level controls apparent, unless somehow imbedded in firmware.
  2. I recently ordered a new 150 WPC stereo amplifier to drive my Klipsch Cornwall's (yes, I know that is overkill but wanted some padding in dampening, etc.). I wanted to buy a matching pre-amp at the same time, but the pre-amp was out-of-stock. In the interim, I am going to attempt to drive the amplifier with my Onkyo receiver's headphone output using a phone jack to RCA adaptor cable. This was suggested by the amplifier manufacturer as a work around for my receiver, which does not have the normally used pre-out for the connection. Anyone have any experience with this in terms of functionality and sound quality? If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  3. Yes, two channel listening most definitely. I went through a A/V receiver phase that lasted a decade or more. I could just never get into it, though I know alot of people who invested big money in fancy home theater systems. I am quite happy with my KCW's. I recently did a JEM Performance Audio capacitor upgrade in them and they sound fantastic. I'm lusting for something sweet in the $1000-ish range... a forever amplifier (integrated or separates). With all the advances in electronics in the past 40 years, I know something special awaits me... I just don't exactly what yet!! I've always like Yamaha's integrated amplifiers. I should probably go with them again, but I've always wanted to try separates. All the amplifier specifications are good... somewhat comparable, but I realize this tells us nothing about how they sound, especially paired with vintage Cornwall (1s). I always believed that great amplifiers have big, heavy power supplies. Considering that, I was thinking choosing a dozen or so popular picks, and doing an analysis of their weights divided by their price... then going with the company that had the greatest weight to price ratio. 😉
  4. How do they sound after the crossover capacitor replacement? They sound fantastic!
  5. I did one of side and did a Left/Right test before completing the other. The difference/improvement was astonishing! I asked my wife (a non-audiophile) to come and listen. I asked if she could hear the difference, old vs new capacitors. She did. I asked her to describe what she heard and she said, "It's like you took the blanket off one side." A simply eloquent and appropo explanation. Its hard to find the words to describe the improvement... think better... imaging, definition, clarity, crispness, purity, staging, etc. Thank you Jim (JEM Performance Audio)! PJK would defintely approve! Now back to the Cornwalls... listening to Cat Steven's - Tea for the Tillermann (Remastered 2020) streaming 24-bit/192khz, FLAC. Lovin it!
  6. Yes Bill. As a new user it took me a minute to learn that this wasn't the proper forum for the original post. I tried to delete it, but was unable to. Moderators, please delete this in its entirety. It's posted in the Two Channel Forum, so no need here.
  7. Hi all! I am looking for recommendations! I'm considering upgrading my vintage 1970's amplifier with something sweet, but not horribly expensive, that would pair well with my Klipsch Cornwall 1s. Say... something in the $1,000ish range. I've had my eye on the Yamaha A-S801 integrated amp (built-in pre-amp and DAC), or separately, the Schiit Modi 3 DAC (I already own this), Saga+ pre-amp and Vidar amplifier. Since there is no way to for me to listen to these amps with my speakers, some good advice would be appreciated. I'm open to other amplifier brands and models as well! Looking forward to your feedback/advice!!
  8. Yes. I ordered Klipsch factory replacement capacitors from JEM Performance Audio. They are enroute. I'm planning to do the work as soon as possible, do just one at first and then perform a Left/Right comparison of the updated vs stock cross-overs to better know the difference.
  9. I'm considering upgrading my vintage 1970's amplifier with something nice, but not too expensive. Something in the $1,000ish range. I'm looking at either the Yamaha A-S801 with built-in pre-amp and DAC, or the Schiit Modi 3 DAC, Saga+ pre-amp and Vidar amplifier. There is probably no reasonable way to for me to listen to either setup with my vintage Klipsch's, but perhaps some of you have experience with one, the other or both; and would be willing to talk abouth your experiences. P.S. I'm open to other systems. Looking for advice and hoping someone can point me in the right direction!!
  10. Agree. And that's what I'm afraid of! If they have degraded, I'd like to put them back like new.
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