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  1. Never owned RF 5 but have owned RF 7 and could not wait to sell them! The RF 7 was voiced much too bright for my tastes.
  2. LOL, I am the same way! They all talk shit, until I invite them over to SHOW me, but they never show up! I own many pairs of speakers, including Apogee's Duetta Signatures, and I guess they are scared my speakers are more revealing than theirs ?
  3. I have had several 2 ch preamps with stepped attenuators, in the past. IMHO, the thing I liked the most about them is absolute repeatability for blind listening tests. In listening tests where you are comparing different products, exact listening levels are critical. Notice I said BLIND listening tests ? There are very good reasons for blind listening tests, so your mind does not enter the equation. The Human Mind is a very powerful thing, and sometimes if we expect to hear differences, these "differences" disappear, once we can't see what we are listening to, LOL IOW, the differences were not really there in the first place, but were generated by our minds.
  4. Back 80 years ago, stepped attenuators were the industry-standard for broadcast, recording mixers, etc. . In that era, they didn't have the technology to build good audio-taper potentiometers that were rugged enough for "industrial" ab/use. So stepped attenuators were the order of the day. Stepped attenuators have more recently seen popularity in very specialized applications where precise gain or attenuation setting is required. Like mastering or test gear, etc. IMHO, other modern applications of stepped attenuators are audiophool territory where it just looks/feels/smells "cool" without significant benefit over quality modern potentiometers. Two major downsides to stepped attenuators are lack of continuous control (that is why they are called "stepped') and considerable extra cost for no apparent practical benefit. YMMV.
  5. Receivers of today have come a long way, and will easily beat many separate components, unless you have speakers that are extremely power hungry, or a crazy load. In the better receivers, the amp/preamp are designed to work well together, where in separate components the components MIGHT work well, or they may not play well together.
  6. LOL. this thread seems to be taking on a life of it's own Of course Capacitors sound different for a number of reasons. They store electricity, for one, and can present resistance expressed as ESR. The late Bob Crites got me into ESR, so much so that I bought equipment to measure it. I have found, in general, that the brighter a Cap sounds, the lower it's measured ESR. If you already have a speaker that tends to brightness that has Mylar Caps in it, replacing those Mylar Caps with Poly Caps will make it even brighter. A better strategy to tame the brightness IME is simply to replace the Mylar Caps with non polar electrolytic Caps. Most non polar electrolytic Caps have higher ESR than Mylar, and will tame things down a bit. Paper In Oil Caps have the highest ESR of just about any Caps I have ever measured on my ESR Meter. LOL, no wonder some owners of bright horns and other bright speakers love them!
  7. I found it, and was unaware Crites passed. From what I have seen JEM Capacitors are replacing Mylar Capacitors, with Mylar Capacitors. Not a bad strategy, if you want to preserve the original sound.
  8. You can read all about it here I do not believe PWK if he were still alive would condone this. I think the BULLSHIT Button would come out. But anything to make an extra buck I guess ? I found this Klipsch approved Capacitor Vendor, and read his story, and I agree. From re doing crossovers in a zillion vintage speakers, not just Klipsch, I too have found if you replace a Mylar Cap with a Poly, the speaker gets brighter. However, if you replace a Mylar with a Non Polar Electrolytic Capacitor, the sound gets more mellow.
  9. I met PWK at the Detroit Audio Show at Cobo Hall in Detroit in either 1969 or 1970. Him, and his guys were all wearing a great big BULLSHIT Button. I think if PWK were still alive, that would be his reaction to fancy speaker cable, BULLSHIT !
  10. It was a mistake selling them, especially since my pair had brand NEW woofers in them. Joe up at Electro Voice told me he had the last pair of brand new woofers left, so I bought them. Few speakers I know of would shake a room quite like a properly working pair of Interface D's !
  11. I have found that my non audiophile friends seldom appreciated transparent sounding systems with great imaging I have had, over the years. Probably out of all the many speakers I have owned over 45 years in this audio obsession, one pair of speakers stand out as the ones all my non audiophile friends liked the most. My Non Audiophile friends really loved my old Electro Voice Interface D's! Nearly every one of them all said "Chris, you should keep these speakers, because they are by far the best sound I have ever heard at your house"
  12. The reason I brought up Julian Hirsch of Stereo Review is this. Julian was a Ham Radio Operator like me. KA7NIQ is my Ham Radio Callsign. Some years ago, I accidentally got Julian on my Ham Radio. I asked him if he really did not hear any differences in amplifiers, because he was famous for saying all properly designed amplifiers operating within their limits, sounded the same. He admitted to me he did hear small differences in amplifier sound sometimes, but he did not feel that it was important, when it could be corrected with slight adjustment of the bass or treble controls. There are many people who feel that all amplifiers sound the same. The owner and head engineer of QSC for one, as well as Floyd Toole, to name a few.
  13. Does anyone here remember Julian Hirsch from Stereo Review ?
  14. LOL,, I really have my friend going, now that I showed him my equipment all grounded to an outside 6ft copper ground rod, driven right into the ground! I went over his house to hear his new Dac, made an ugly face, and told him it sounded like Chit! LOL, I told him because his system was not earth grounded, there were all kinds of powerful transmitters in the area, mixing their signals with his audio! LOL
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