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  1. I used to own the Original Forte's Resistors are usually OK, even after many years. However, the Capacitors do go bad, especially if the original ones were electrolytic types.
  2. I apologize too, I guess I took it the wrong way
  3. Ya think ? Do you think I don't know that, or something ? WTF ? This Forum is Dead, compared to what it once was, so one would think that any post here is better than no posts. Not that it is really any of your business, but my reason for posting to an old thread was to add to the knowledge base of the Klipsch RP 3 and the Klipsch RF 5
  4. I have owned both the RP 5 and the RP 3. I sold the RP 5, and still have the RP 3 The reason the RP 5 has a lower crossover point is because the 8 inch midrange will not go up as high as the 6.5 inch midrange of the RP 3, and it does not have as good dispersion. The RP 3 IMHO is the better speaker. It images better with a wider sweet spot, and it's bass Quality is much better, because it has a sealed vs ported woofer.
  5. I totally agree! The RP 3 Woofer is very tight and defined because it is a sealed vs ported box.
  6. Does anyone have a crossover schematic and/or a picture of the RP 3 crossover ? I think I saw a picture of the crossover awhile ago, and it seemed to have Mylar Caps in it ?
  7. The reason for the lower crossover point on the RP5 is because of the 8 inch woofer. The 8 inch woofer simply will not play well as high in frequency as the smaller 6.5 inch woofer in the RP3.
  8. I gave those speakers to my little brother, who got back on the drugs, and sold them, so I have no way to check, but as I remember, the center channel was n ot special. Much of the time, I just used the 2 speakers, with a phantom center
  9. I know this thread is old, and the B&K Components TX 4430 amp sold. I just wanted to add that it is an excellent sounding amplifier, and if you only use 2 of the 3 channels, it has almost never ending current. A real sleeper of an amplifier. It sort of sounds like a tube amplifier, meaning it is warm, rich and 3 dimensional. Just the amplifier to tame a bright speaker.
  10. Both woofers are still to be had, on the used market.
  11. I have had Cornwall 1 and Chorus 2 in this room, just not at the same time. The Chorus 2's were quite bright sounding to me, and all it took was a look at the measured frequency response on the Klipsch website to realize why. The speaker has quite a rising high frequency response. I sold them, and got some Forte 1's upon a suggestion of DJK. I got a far better sound, in my room with the Forte's. I would not want to ever own Chorus 2's again.
  12. The Legacy Audio Deep Impact subwoofers are very good subs. They will play 120 db at 40hz! However, they are not designed for Bass below about 22 hz. Some of the HSU and SVS Subs will play lower, if that is what you seek. I have owned both the SVS Ultra Pair of cylinders, and currently own the Legacy Deep Impact. However, I never owned both, at the same time. But, from memory the SVS Ultra Pair of Cylinders, mounted in my room corners were real room shakers, but lacked mid bass punch. The Legacy does not seem to go quite as low, but still shakes the room, and has a lot more of that mid bass kick. Both subwoofers will play louder than I want.
  13. I very much like the way it sounds! I owned original Forte's once, that sounded great in my large room. I probably should have kept them, but they looked kind of stupid in this room, because they are rather small. They would shake the room with bass. However, from my recollection, they did not sound like this Academy very much.
  14. What line of Klipsch Speakers was the Academy intended for ? Is there a line of Klipsch speakers that use the same drivers as the Academy ?
  15. OK, I got the Pyle PT 588, but it had a serious problem, on any of the HDMI Inputs, volume was very very low, barely enough to drive the LaScala's However, on the tuner, it would blow you out of the room. The sensitivity of the tuner was terrible. Pyle took it back, end of that experiment. I picked up a Refurbished Onkyo Integra 50.3 from Accessories, it sounds pretty good on the LaScala's actually.
  16. I hear ya! These https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/699ar/index.html and the LaScala's are my current main speakers. The AR 1's are 96 db @1 watt, and have a 500 watt Sunfire amp to handle the bass built in. Power should not be a problem
  17. I have speakers for a 7.1 system, with front height channels. I will lose my front height channels with the Pyle PT588ab, and will also lose on screen display and Internet Radio. No up sampling either, but it does have 4k bypass.
  18. I live near enough to them to go pick up things. They are a few hours away from the Tampa area. That is a very good deal on a 5.1 receiver. Back when I had the Vandersteens, I had an ONKYO TX NR 809 The Pyle PT 588AB sounded better, on both the Forte's and Vandersteen's.
  19. A few years ago, I picked up one of these http://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PT588AB/51-Channel-Home-Theater-AV-Receiver,-BT-Wireless-Streaming-(HDMI,-4K-Ultra-and-3D-TV-Pass-Through-Support) Behold, the PYLE PT588AB I bought this El Cheapo Pyle Receiver, for a number of reasons #1 - It has pre outs #2 - It has remotely controlled bass and treble controls #3- It has remote controls subwoofer level #4 It can be had for under 150.00 At that time, I had Vandersteen 2 CE's and Klipsch Original Forte's. Believe it or not, it sounded great on the original Forte's, so I threw the Vandersteen's in. On the Vandersteens, it was shockingly 3 dimensional. I go through tons of stuff, and the guy who bought the Vandersteen's returned and insisted I sell him the Pyle PT588AB, so it went to a good home. I have been driving my LaScala's with a Pioneer D3 digital amp. Recently, I bought a MUSE Chip amp and a Harman Kardon AVR 247. The Muse Chip amp is ok, but not as good as the Pioneer Elite receiver with the D3 digital amp. However, the Harman Kardon AVR 247 is wonderful on the LaScala's, compared to the Pioneer. The Pyle will be here in a week, so we will see how it does ? The Harman Kardon AVR 247 has sound dropouts, one minute you are watching TV, and the sound drops out, requiring you to turn things off, and then back on I am hoping a firmware update fixes it. So far, it is the best of all I have tried on the LaScala's.
  20. I wasn't talking about surround modes, I was talking about direct, pure direct, auto surround, alc You MUST use one of those modes on my SC 87
  21. The old Counterpoint amps like the SA 220 I think it was is a hybrid Tube/Mosfet that used weird Mosfets made for power supplies.
  22. Bob is capable of making a solid state amp sound exactly like a tube amp. I heard it for myself at his house. However, this is not possible to do in a production amplifier, because there are too many variables for it to work. The resistor trick Bob taught me I posted at the start of this thread sometimes works better then one would think. And, the more terrible sounding the solid state amp is, the better it works! Phase Linear 400's were never known for sound quality, and the resistor literally transforms them.
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