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  1. Yes, Very Interested! I just gave my RP 5's to my neighbor for some work he did for me. They left here with fond memories!
  2. Yes, that what I can do with these old Peavey's too I am told. The Peavey horn has a 22a driver in it that only goes up to maybe 10 k w/o any EQ. A guy locally has a pair of some JBL 16 ohm drivers and a big *** horn, and we are negotiating on the price, or maybe a trade. Of course, I would have to bi amp, since they are 16 ohms and will not work with my crossovers, and in the Peavey, the crossovers are inside the horns. I really like your speakers! Perfect Size! How much did they cost ?
  3. I totally agree! I am not afraid of big speakers, I am playing with these old Peavey Speakers, at the moment, that I bought for only 100.00 for the PAIR ! I have them mounted in the corners, firing at the center of the room. The Peavey horn crosses over at 800, but it is said that in a home environment, you can cross the horn a little lower. Where does your horn crossover at ?
  4. If those are your speakers, do they have crossovers built in so all you need to do is hook up the amplifiers ?
  5. Looks similar to a JBL 3632 T from the JBL Cinema line , but with only one woofer. Yes, I know this is an old thread, so please do not tell me that this is an old thread. These were tri amplified speakers, meaning you will need 3 amplifiers to run them. Not sure if they had a crossover built in or not, but if not, you will also need an electronic crossover as well. On another forum, a poster said they were bright, since they were designed to radiate through a movie screen. But because they are tri amplified, you will have control over the way they sound.
  6. Every tweeter is different. I have owned both Vertical and Regular Cornwalls, and there was absolutely no comparison as far as imaging goes. The Vertical Cornwalls imaged much better. However, this comes at the expense of a smaller sweet spot.
  7. Yes, but realize he no longer owns Levinson. Many years ago Sandy Berlin took it over, then sold it to Harman International. I do not hold Mark Levinson in the same regard as Saul Marantz, or even David Hafler. Both Marantz and Hafler designed their own stuff. Levinson hired designers, first John Curl, then Tom Colangelo.
  8. I don't know, but I was surprised he said that. My friends store sold Mark Levinson stuff, but they were not a Klipsch dealer.
  9. The Vertical Tweeter makes them image better. I have heard Vertical Cornwalls, and they image better.
  10. I don't know but maybe because he makes that balls to the walls equalizer called The Audio Pallet ?
  11. I lived in Seattle back in the 80's. My best friend Mark owns Definitive Audio, and they were Levinson Dealers. Mark Levinson came to town, and I was invited by my friend Mark to join him and Mark Levinson at the Space Needle for dinner. I sat right next to Mark Levinson, and I asked him "Mark, what are the ultimate speakers one can buy" He thought for a minute, and to my great surprise he said "Klipschorns" ! He told me you need to use equalization with them, and also told me you need to get the tweeters out of them, and turn them vertical, for best imaging. His answer surprised me, but I have never forgot what he told me.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but guess what I found ????? A Minty Pair of KSP 400's !!!!!!! We have agreed on a price, and I should be picking them up this weekend! The amps in the KSP 300's took a shit on me, so they are gone I picked up another powered Klipsch Tower a year ago. It is the Klipsch RP 3. Too bad I had to get rid of the KSP 300's, I would have liked to compare them. The little RP 3 is no slouch, and I have enjoyed them. But I have always wanted a pair of the KSP 400's, and now I have found them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You are SO Right ! The KG4's are musical little bastards, I will give them that! But absolutely no match for a well set up pair of KSP 400's ! Not even close. And yes, I realize how old this thread is.
  14. I used to own the Original Forte's Resistors are usually OK, even after many years. However, the Capacitors do go bad, especially if the original ones were electrolytic types.
  15. I apologize too, I guess I took it the wrong way
  16. Ya think ? Do you think I don't know that, or something ? WTF ? This Forum is Dead, compared to what it once was, so one would think that any post here is better than no posts. Not that it is really any of your business, but my reason for posting to an old thread was to add to the knowledge base of the Klipsch RP 3 and the Klipsch RF 5
  17. I have owned both the RP 5 and the RP 3. I sold the RP 5, and still have the RP 3 The reason the RP 5 has a lower crossover point is because the 8 inch midrange will not go up as high as the 6.5 inch midrange of the RP 3, and it does not have as good dispersion. The RP 3 IMHO is the better speaker. It images better with a wider sweet spot, and it's bass Quality is much better, because it has a sealed vs ported woofer.
  18. I totally agree! The RP 3 Woofer is very tight and defined because it is a sealed vs ported box.
  19. Does anyone have a crossover schematic and/or a picture of the RP 3 crossover ? I think I saw a picture of the crossover awhile ago, and it seemed to have Mylar Caps in it ?
  20. The reason for the lower crossover point on the RP5 is because of the 8 inch woofer. The 8 inch woofer simply will not play well as high in frequency as the smaller 6.5 inch woofer in the RP3.
  21. I gave those speakers to my little brother, who got back on the drugs, and sold them, so I have no way to check, but as I remember, the center channel was n ot special. Much of the time, I just used the 2 speakers, with a phantom center
  22. I know this thread is old, and the B&K Components TX 4430 amp sold. I just wanted to add that it is an excellent sounding amplifier, and if you only use 2 of the 3 channels, it has almost never ending current. A real sleeper of an amplifier. It sort of sounds like a tube amplifier, meaning it is warm, rich and 3 dimensional. Just the amplifier to tame a bright speaker.
  23. Both woofers are still to be had, on the used market.
  24. I have had Cornwall 1 and Chorus 2 in this room, just not at the same time. The Chorus 2's were quite bright sounding to me, and all it took was a look at the measured frequency response on the Klipsch website to realize why. The speaker has quite a rising high frequency response. I sold them, and got some Forte 1's upon a suggestion of DJK. I got a far better sound, in my room with the Forte's. I would not want to ever own Chorus 2's again.
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