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  1. Just a reminder, its the MK1 not the mk2s
  2. Will try the 62's as soon as I'm done building the media-cabinet for the AVR and blurays. Yeah, they're abit high but (even tho its not visible in the photo) they're angled down abit.
  3. The sub is a oldschool xtz 12.16 w99, and the setup is strictly for HT (movies and tv shows)
  4. Thats very true, though what about matching timbre? as my center is the rp-440c
  5. They're currently wall-mounted, but I'm not sure if I like how it looks.. Tho that might change once I get the stand for my center and the tv + AVR mounted. https://imgur.com/a/BrA4Vo4
  6. Its a 7.1.2 system, with 4x in-wall KEF160 speakers and 2x in-ceiling.
  7. Title, I currently use the rp160m as fronts, but I got a old pair of rf-62mk1 collecting dust, would they be a better front-stage than these smaller RP160ms? Thanks for any input.
  8. Appreciate it! Thanks alot
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I could go for a shelf, but how much distance behind the speaker should I have? Looks like I can get about 10cm of air between the wall and the rear port if I use the wall-mounts I have, is that horrible? I have these btw; https://www.btechavmounts.com/product-range/products/bt77
  10. Hello good sirs and sirettes! I'm building my small HT in the basement, with built in rear, surround and atmos speakers which are already placed and installed. My question is, I have a pair of rp-160m and a 440c as the front-stage, can\should I seal the ports of the 160m's? I'm thinking of wall-mounting them with a clamper-mount (due to having two kids with busy fingers, so I'm afraid of getting stands.) Or would they perform just as good without sealing the ports while being mounted to the wall? Cheers!
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