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  1. Hi there my name is Andrew I am brand new to the site as of today and I have a question about a used pair of Cornwall speakers And just a guesstimate of what I used pair like that would be worth of a pair like that that is a 6 out of 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. I know I won't have any exact number but a little bit of a guideline would be helpful. I live in Washington State and I have been considering getting a pair that are actually up for sale on this site but I think they are asking a little bit much for them $1100 ? Any body who could share a little bit of light on this and tell me whether that's a fair price or whether or not you would think it would be a little less I bought a pair of these same speakers and they were in excellent shape about 3 years ago and I paid $800 for them and I thought I got a good deal but they were perfect so it makes me think that these are a lot for ones that are not near perfect but I don't know for sure. thank you for any input much appreciated Andrew
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