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  1. @Shakeydeal @RandyH000 I understand where I was misleading 😂😂
  2. Wasn’t planning on getting a preamp or anything soon, but a good deal popped up and I couldn’t pass it up. So I’m the new owner of a Carver CT-24 preamplifier! First impressions are positive so far! The sonic holography feature is cool although quite gimmicky. Way better than my Yamaha AVR.
  3. Searching for a pair of RF5s in good shape! Finally decided on upgrading the RF3s, currently watching a pair in Chicago on FB marketplace. Let me know if anyone has a set they are looking to sell or know anyone who does!! Thanks!
  4. Otiel is the man! Seen him several times with Dead and Co.
  5. Nice pickup! I’m in a similar boat with space for surrounds. Would love to have some towers but only have the space on wall. Currently running RS-3s. They are EH! But for the space it works. Also are you running an AVR or separates?
  6. I second @willland, softer highs not being a gripe as well, makes my RF3s a lot less fatiguing.
  7. @nickyboy6100 I’d far from consider myself an audiophile. But sure do like this amp. I looked at getting an ST-140 prior to getting the ST125, read great things about it, however found the ST125 locally which made a bit more sense for me. Looked up specs on the 4420 and that’s a beast! I have very limited points of reference when it comes to audio equipment other than my own system. Don’t know other people around me with the same hobby! That being said I did have an old Marantz stereo receiver I ran for awhile with several pairs of Klipsch speakers and I’d strongly agree with the softer high end. On an unrelated note, I’m here in the Hoosier state as well!
  8. I’ve had both of those speakers, the R-51m are super impressive for their size and I think sound more “detailed” and “refined” but the 8” woofer on the KG3.5 puts out a decent amount of bass. Depends how you like your surrounds and also as mentioned, what you have up front.
  9. @willland the gentleman I purchased it from had moved up to Krell, said he worked as a B&K dealer back in the day. Definitely was babied and there’s not a scratch on it! 😀 makes sense with the presence of e-commerce. @Shakeydeal this is my first power amp so I don’t have a lot of say on comparisons. Definitely outdid my Yamaha AVR though!
  10. Hello all, newbie here to the forums. Is anyone else running B&K amps? I have an ST125.2 paired with my RF3s and I really enjoy it. Woke the speakers up a lot and I feel helped with the brightness. Curious as to why they went out of business? I’ve seen the new website but they clearly state they don’t support the older B&K, so is it still the same company and same quality/sounding amps?
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