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  1. My thoughts exactly, I’m glad someone else see’s it. I thought maybe I was going crazy!
  2. Just seeing if others have had similar experiences or not, that’s what the Klipsch community forums are for right?
  3. Best way for me to explain the drivers is, the LH channel drivers are more reddish/ orangish copper and the veneer of that one is also darker or more “orangish”, while the RH channel drivers are more natural copper looking or “yellowish” and the veneer on that one is lighter and/ or more “sandy” looking. Thoughts?
  4. Long story short I bought a pair of new Klipsch RF-7 iii’s in Febuary of this year and noticed right away the finishes (natural cherry) had very distinct lines through the veneer that looked like cracks to the naked eye. I get it it’s veneer and some lines are normal, but these were BAD. I finally received the replacements today after having several issues with the freight company, hooked them up and noticed one of the 10” drivers weren’t functioning at all. Shined a flashlight in the rear port and found the driver was luckily just unplugged. It was an easy enough fix for me to just remove the rear port for that driver and make the connection, but come on Klipsch. QA should be top notch in my opinion and these issues should have been caught beforehand! Overall I’m pleased with the new units, even with the one veneer being a darker shade and the drivers are of a different copper color between both units as well? I took some pics that will explain, but harder to tell in the pics than it is in person for sure.
  5. Directly from Mike Embers at Acoustic Sound Design. ”Klipsch will be sending you a new pair... They have all the information needed... I am not sure if they want me to pick up other pair or if they will do it at same time as delivery... As soon as I have info-you will have it as well” then this from Klipsch. “We are Swapping out. On back order until Mid April missing parts-Covid...but will get as soon as we can. Will send you tracking as soon as we can. We will pick up the old ones after delivery of the new. Please tell them toUse the old until then. Apologize for us of course” Of which is fine with me. Timeline of events. I received the speakers Friday Feb. 26th and immediately noticed the finish on them, emailed Mike on Sunday the 28th and he responded right away that day Sunday! He handled talking with Klipsch VP and everything was done by Tuesday March 2nd. I just wanted to give a shout out to Mike Embers and Acoustic Sound Design for the outstanding customer service. In my opinion this is a rarity these days.
  6. Good luck and I hope they turn out good.
  7. Thank you fellas I will keep you posted. Mike Embers is taking care of me and sending the pics and serial numbers off to Klipsch.
  8. I contacted the dealer I bought my rf-7 iii’s from. We will see how it goes, just a hassle...
  9. That’s a good question as I’ve only seen people having this issue with the cherry veneer so far.
  10. Yeah it’s pretty unfortunate. I’m sure I’ll have to learn to live with it I guess...
  11. The pictures don’t do it justice, in person it’s very noticeable. I don’t care so much about the backs, but the distinct lines on the sides and tops of the cabinets bothers me.
  12. Yes, I’ve only had them for 24 hrs
  13. I guess I’ll start my own post with pics of the issue I’m having with mine. Thanks.
  14. I have the same issue with my rf-7 iii’s in natural cherry. What was the end result?
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