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  1. I’ve had several send messages about buying them. I’m willing to ship if you’re willing to cover the shipping cost. I’m in central Louisiana. I’ve done exactly zero selling or buying like this so you’ll have to coach me in how we both protect ourselves in the process. First person to initiate buying them gets them.
  2. It does look like they veneered it poorly. The good news is, the glue isn’t sticking to the box.
  3. That’s what it looks like to me, but I don’t know anything about these. I guess the good news is that it’s coming off super easy and not leaving anything behind that isn’t just wiping off.
  4. So I just moved into a new house and the previous owner left behind these speakers. After doing some searching on this website and Google, I'm kind of drawing a blank. Unless I'm missing something, the 3rd character in the s.n. should be a letter and that doesn't appear to be anything but a 3 to me. I was really wanting to date these, and hopefully sell them to anyone here. I just have no use for them in any capacity. Thanks for any help, and I'm hoping this isn't against any rules that I might have overlooked. EDIT- I was also wondering about this veneer. Just out of curiosity, did they come lined with the veneer like this or did the previous owner do this himself? It seems like such a waste to cover up such rich wood and apparent top notch craftsmanship.
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