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  1. This is awesome guys. I was looking at the back of the receiver and realizing there will not be enough spots for all the speakers. Is there a receiver you guys would recommend? I have always been a fan of Marantz, my dad has an old school Marantz stereo system and I think he would appreciate the homage with my selection.
  2. Hey there, I am currently building a home theater and have selected the RP-6000F 7.1.2 ATMOS as my speakers. I am fairly new to this and I am trying to pair up a proper receiver with the sound system. I have selected the Marantz SR5015, am I correct that this receiver will not be powerful enough for these speakers? The receiver has a power output of 100w for each channel, the speakers have a 125w to 500w. Maybe I am interpreting this incorrectly but should I be finding a more powerful receiver?
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