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  1. im about to be homeless in a day or so, but all i keep thinking about is upgrading my rf-3's. maybe sleep in the van until i have enough to get a set of rf-7 iii's?
  2. i have a 250 watt per chanel sunfire amp with sunfire preamp. i currently have klipsch rf-3 speakers but they are unstable at high volumes. does anyone know which klipsch speaker i should be looking for? or maybe another brand altogether? id love a set of the rf-7's but they cost so much. does anyone know of another klipsch speaker that is more affordable but can handle the 250 wpc?
  3. i have a set of rf-3 first edition speakers. i also have a sunfire load invariant symphonic reference power amp which is way more power than these rf-3's can handle. heres my question: if i were to modify my speaker cabinet to accomodate rf-7 III woofers and tweeters will they work with the crossover network thats in the cabinet right now? or would i need to get new crossovers network ? i dont know anything about crossovers and electricity or speakers but i dont see why i cant modify the cabinet to accomodate the much larger woofers and get this to work. any advice would be appreciated
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