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  1. Hi Thanks everyone for replying! - I will use 2 speakers. If I will get RF-7's, I will sell 280's. -Then if I understand correctly: Main criteria at the price range ...-2K's is the power. Otherwize it is just a matter of taste pretty much. Thing is that I started to look around and there are lots of different receivers with much higher price (H/K 3770 was about 500 euros, aftermarket price 165 euros). That made me to think about the possibility that I could get more out from my speakers because why would anyone buy 2x...10x more expensive receivers than I have without gaining any real difference. Ofcourse I understand that there are audiophiles whos experiense and hearing is from another planet than mine. But I am sure that there are many guys like me who just want something a little better than stuff that they sell in the supermarkets. As I understand: I have possibility to accept what I have or pay about 3-4K or more to hear any real difference. I can only imagine how much will it cost to get the maching 2x250W @ 8ohm for the RF7's. Otherwize I can test the aftermarket receivers and change them more often. For example I found Denon AVR-2809 (7.1) with the power of 135W @8ohm. Price is 150 euros. Receiver is located right under my TV so the absense of Spotify app or internet is not a problem. Really nice to get so much feedback in just few days. Thanks! :) Hardi
  2. Hello Thanks for the reply! 2-channel will do. Just to make sure: what will improve if I would use this power amp? (H/K 3770 that I own has 2x120W @ 8 Ohm.) Hardi
  3. Hi Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it! :) Hardi
  4. Hi Can anyone suggest receiver for RP-280f? I live in Europe so it should be found in the market here. I listen to pop/dance music mostly and from Spotify. Right now I have Harman/Kardon 3770. Will I get anything better with the price around 1000 euros or will it cost me more to make any difference? Got my speakers few months ago with very good price and now I found a good deal for Klipsch RF-7 III (I wish I had not ). So the new receiver should be able to play RF-7 as well. Checked from the forums and Youtube, some guys are using pre-amplifiers and things that I can not even give name to So as you can problably understand already I am a regular guy who really got to like his speakers and does not really know about these things. Now I want to make sure that I can get pretty much the most out from my speakers. I understand that there are hi-end receivers in the market with higher price that cheaper ones can not get close to in the specs but I would like to keep it simple with optimal price. Thanks! Hardi
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